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    622 Dropping Like Flies

    For the 2nd time in about 9 months, my 622 receiver has failed. In both instances, I lost almost a full drive of programs. Is there a way to recover programs (or try to anyway) - isn't the 622 drive essentially a computer hard drive? Also is there a way to transfer programs to the EHD en...
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    Adding Receiver

    Current Situation: Two dish setup (110/119) with appropriate switch to one old receiver. Desired Situation: Two dish setup (110/119) to two old receivers. Questions: What switch setup to accomplish? Is single Dish500 required? New LNBF's?
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    Classes of Signals Impacted by Loss of 119 License

    Rather than chasing individual threads, here is a summary of the signals/stations lost as a result of the injunction. 17 USC 119(a)(1)..............Superstations 17 USC 119(a)(2)..............Network Stations ("DNS") 17 USC 119(a)(2)(C)(i)......WMUR 17 USC 119(a)(2)(C)(ii)......certain...
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    HD or not HD, DT is the question!

    No. You have fallen victim to E* claptrap about "HD Locals" which has been perpetuated by people here who should (and often do) know better. There is no such thing as "HD Locals." There are the analog (NTSC) feeds (what most people get in a LIL package) and several (larger markets) digital...
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    non-DSS satellites

    I want to test my ability to pickup the satellites at 105/118.75/121. I think that each has a nonencrypted test transponder. Is that correct?? I have available the following equipment and would like suggestions on the best set up. I know that i will have to reorient the 105/121 dish but...
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    DTV on on the fringe

    Why does dish put digital feeds for chicago and New York on side satellites? I know there is only so muc h room on 110 and 119 but they have Dallas DT there and the CHicago and New York analog streams. Since they are "national" and Dallas is not it doesnt make sense. If you get NY (either as...
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    CAn they do this

    I read in another post that Dish is putting SD locals on one satellite and HD locals on another. Isnt the goal to have all locals on one satellite just like analog? I know there is Dish500 but not everybodyhas one. Whats next 480p on satellite 1;720p on satellite 2; 1080 on a third. It...