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    MRV without hardwire option.

    Thanks rad for your help. I am going from dumb to dumber here: Where and how can I download + install the latest "CE software"?
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    MRV without hardwire option.

    Newbie here, so please tolerate. My objective is to network two DTV HD-DVRs so that I can watch program recorded on DVR#1 from DVR#2. Am I to understand that if I have two DTV HD-DVRs, which I have. All I have to do is to link them via Cat5+switch? Do I need some sort of software to enable...
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    Multi room DVRs

    hi guys, new poster here. Are there any ways at all for me to network the two HD-DVRs that I have from from DTV? Not trying to save $ here but just want to be able to record a program in the family room and can be viewed in the bedroom or vice verse. My DVRs are networked with cat5 to...