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    can anyone "play to end" movies on external drive or nas?

    on hopper 2 i was able to "play to end" all files with in a folder on my nas... on the hopper 3, it only plays one file at a time
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    HOME MEDIA "play to end" problem

    Hello All, just upgraded to hopper 3, i have movies in folders on my nas, and before i was able to play all of the movies within a folder one after another using the "play to end" option. now, i can only play one at a time. the videos are 3-4 min long for my 2 yr old kid. Can anyone "play to...
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    I've been playing around with coding movies to play thru home media and regardless of what type of movies i play (mpg4,mpe2,mkv etc...), once i start the movie, there's nothing i can do to stop, pause, ffwd just keeps on playing. I can get back to regular channel viewing, but if i try...
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    dpp44 w/ vip211 & vip612

    great forum !!! i just installed a dpp44 with a vip211 and a vip612. everything working but i get stuttering video on the vip211... mostly on non hd channels. everything good on the vip612... any ideas? thanks
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    vip612 w/ddp twin good for only 5 min.

    i have a weird case... going crazy.... i have a vip612 hookep up to a dpp twin with a dp lnb connected to the input port.. seeing 119 110 and 61.5.... if i unplug the cable for about an hour and plug it back in everything works good for about 5 min... then i start to loose signal on 119...
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    dpp twin /w dp single lnb

    hope someone can help... i've had the following working great for weeks.. one vip612 and one vip211 hooked up to a dpp twin with dp single lnb hooked up to the input port of the dpp twin (using separator on the vip612)(looking at 119,110,and 61.5).... now the vip612 will only see the 61.5 and...
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    1 vip612 & 3 vip211

    hello what dish(es) and or switch(es) and what type of lnb's would i need to look at 119, 110, and 61.5. i live in san diego and my understanding is that 61.5 is better than 129.... my house is wired with one cable per room, so i would like to avoid running two cables to the vip612. a...
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    vip612 & legacy lnb's

    hello... hope someone can help. can i use a vip612 with a sw64 and a dish 500 (2 dual lnbs)