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    DISH cabling for an apartment

    I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment and DISH came out several years ago and said that they could not install because of the fact that all the cabling in my apartment complex was owned by Comcast and the only option was to drill new holes for new cabling. I have since found out from my...
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    OTA antenna signal shared with SAT dish signal on same cable?

    This may be a far fetched question, but thought I'd ask... Is it possible (feasible might be the better word) to mount an antenna on/near the satellite dish and then tap that signal into the cable that comes off of the SAT dish, and then on the far end of that cable, split out that OTA signal...
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    Sacramento KCRA HD audio problem?

    Occaisionally the audio completely drops out for a while on Sacramento's KCRA HD channel. We have DISH HD (VIP612 box) and it happens on the DISH signal as well as the OTA signal we get via an antenna connected to the DISH receiver's OTA tuner. It happened this morning on our living room TV and...
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    OTA integration with VIP612?

    Where we live (Sacramento, CA) DISH does offer some local HD channels but not all of them - the local FOX and PBS stations are the ones we would watch that are missing from DISH's offerings in our area. We can pick both of these up using an indoor antenna. I know the VIP612 box has a digital...
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    Upgrading to DISH HD - a couple questions

    My first post here...thanks for the forum. A few weeks ago we bought two HD TV's. We currently have a DISH 625 box supplying signals to both TVs (one in living room, other in bedroom). We get DISH via AT&T. Since getting the HD TVs I have hooked up an indoor antenna in order to receive...