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    Directv App

    Does anyone else have horrible streaming quality on the directv app? I can be on home WiFi with 250 download speed and the picture quality is terrible. Log into WatchESPN or another app and it’s perfect quality. Just curious if this is a known issue or is there something that can be done to...
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    Audio drop outs

    Anyone experiencing frequent audio skips lately? I’ve been noticing it from time to time and separate of me saying anything my parents just told me the same thing has been happening to them. Thanks in advance!
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    Switching Receiver locations

    Can anyone help with an issue I’m having. I have a HR44 DVR receiver and a 4K receiver. I’ve moved locations of my 4K tv and want to swap the receivers around. Whenever I try hooking it up with the receivers in different locations I get an error message. Is there a step I’m missing?
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    DTV to broadcast 25 MLB games in 4k

    Good sign of things to come! MLB Network games will be broadcast in 4k. I will be upset if this is not included if you're an Extra Innings subscriber. Shouldn't need to be ultimate package if you subscribe to premium baseball in my opinion...
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    App not loading guide

    I'm using the iPad directv app and everything on it works minus the fact that the guide doesn't show up with any content. Any suggestions?
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    Successfully link MLB.TV?

    I have combined my bill with ATT which of course now makes me be redirected to login through Att to my DTV account. Problem is when linking with extra innings subscription only allows directv sign on which now I get an error using. Anyone else having this issue? Sent from my iPad...
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    On Demand not working

    Need help/advice. A month ago I was upgraded to a HR54 and the c61k box. Ever since the switch my on demand doesn't work. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?
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    Sunday Ticket To Go Error

    Anyone else using Directv's NFL Sunday Ticket to go site? I keep getting an error that says "stream not available" and its not a blackout issue. Happens on about half the games. Any word on how to fix this? It's been an ongoing issue the last two weeks:mad:
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    Need Superfan Advice

    My uncle just signed up for the new customer Sunday ticket package. Any advice on how to get the superfan upgraded for free? Thanks in advance
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    Termination Fee

    Unfortunately I am moving to an apartment complex that will not allow Direct TV so I need to cancel my service. Has anyone been able to avoid the termination fee? I am a year short of my two year committment, however I have referred several customers to Direct TV and have been very happy with...
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    Sports Pack Question

    I live in an area that is considered the "blackout region" for the Detroit Tigers. Even though I live in a different state AND its over 5 hours away from Comerica Park. Anyways I saw that directv with the sports pack says i would get the Tigers game's, currently I just get comcast sportsnet...
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    Versus HD?

    Am I crazy or didn't versus used to be in HD?!
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    Current Deals?

    I'm trying to get my parents to switch back to Directv after purchasing a new HD LCD yesterday, they had the service 10 years ago when it was called DSS. The account was in excellent standing, just curious what kind of deals you would strive for. I saw on there website it was 10 off for 12...
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    Legality of this...

    I'm a college student who will be going home over chrismas break. I want to take my Directv receiver home (for the big10 network) and hook it up to my parents old satelite dish. Is there anything in the contract that says I cannot do this, I'm using the service I pay for and i'm not using it...
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    Would this work?

    Hey guys I need some input on whether this would work or not. I'm a college student who got Directv for the Big 10 network while at school, when I go home I would like to still be able to watch the basketball games. My parents used to have Directv 5+ years ago and the dish is still hooked...
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    Trouble Shooting Question

    My Directv Receiver is only showing shows in 480p when my TV is capable of 1080i. When i hit the format button my only choices are 480pstretch, crop, and pillar box.
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    FINALLY a DirecTV Customer

    First of all thank you to all those who have helped guide me through this process giving me tips and advice. I just wanted to update everyone on the agreement that I got set up with DirecTV. From now until September I get the following: Choice Xtra+HD Channels: 44.99 Starting September and...
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    New Customer Advice Needed (Again)

    I started calling Directv at the beggining of the month expressing interest in signing up as a new customer and it was there that I learned of the upcoming promotional package for the sunday ticket. I was told to call back at the beginning of this week, fine thats easy enough so i call back at...
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    Potential New Customer

    I need help from those of you who have recently signed up for Directv; I want to put together the best possible package and I know Directv usually gives things for free or discounted you just need to know what to ask for. I'm a college student switching from Comcast so I dont have a ton of...