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    Sound drops out when switching from DD channel to Stereo (HD to SD)

    I know there is a long list of audio problems, but I haven't seen this specific problem. My HD-DVR is connected to my TV via HDMi and to my Marantz receiver via optical. I've had this setup since last August and it worked fine, throughout the HD channel upgrades etc. About a month (maybe...
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    HD network quality (channels 80-89)

    Is it just me or has the HD quality been dropping a bit on the networks over the past few months? Are they compressing more or something? I think I need to put my antenna up and compare the DTV feed to the OTAs. It's possible that my CRT RPTV got bumped out of calibration so nothing looks...
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    American Idol on fox west coast HD tonight

    :eek: What's going on? The sound is cutting out CONSTANTLY. I'm pretty sure it's not my equipment, my receiver shows a constant 5.1 signal, but it's dropping like every 5-10 seconds. I'm assuming that this is happening before it ever gets to DTV's satellites, but I don't know. Anyone else?
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    921 Remote + Marantz Receiver / Amp?

    :shocked Seriously? The 4 codes in the manual won't TOUCH my Marantz SR7200 receiver. I'm relatively certain the UHF remote on my old PVR501 could handle it, and my old DirecTiVO remote was flawless. This can't be difficult. All the nice Marantz receivers use the same remote! I've...
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    921 Remote + Marantz Receiver / Amp?

    please delete! double post, sorry!
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    Brand new 921 on my old Dish 500 twin antenna??

    I'm just trying to figure this out - from everything I've read it should work, I've got an old dish that I used about 18 months ago on my PVR501, then switched to DTV for the dual-tuner Tivo. Recently I decided to get a 921 and check out Dish HD, so I figured I could use my old antenna, and use...