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    While not at home I have received 14 calls from this number over the last two days and my machine has picked up each time but no message was left. The CID says Dish Network and when I call the number it says it is Dish Network Marketing Department. I Googled it and it seems I am not alone, many...
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    VIP211 Internet Connection

    A couple of questions Does each receiver need it's own connection to my router or do the receivers talk to each other over the power line and only one receiver connected to the router? Can the receivers connect by wireless, have read there might be a dongle available? Thanks in advance.
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    Anik F3 in Puerto Rico

    Is anybody getting the new Horse Racing channels from Anik F3 in Puerto Rico?
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    IP Addresses

    Does Dish check location from IP address when receivers connect by Internet?
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    Card Swop

    I have received cards for my three receivers, changed cards on two of them, worked like a dream and back up in a couple of minutes. The third receiver is a 311 without card, put the new card in there and get message smart card incorrectly inserted. Called Dish and they told me to wait until I...
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    Dish Now Smartcards

    Any idea how new smartcards for Dish Now Pre-Pay receivers will be handled?
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    625 After Sleeping

    I have a 625, with which I am well pleased, however, it has an annoying trait, when it sleeps after four hours of no activity and you bring it back to life with the select button it always comes back on the Dish Network channel not the channel it was on when it went to sleep. Is there a way to...
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    Receivers Calling Home

    I use Vonage so I can see on my Vonage activity report that my receivers are calling in to an 866 number two or three times a week, I wonder what information they are sending? They also call an 800 number once a month. That call is the call that shows up on the information screen and I guess...
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    New E* Satellites

    Does nyone know what orbital slots the new sats will be in and if the footprints will cover Puerto Rico?
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    Calling Out

    Normally my receivers have called home once a month always on the same day. I have noticed several more calls being made this month to a different toll free number in addition to the normall calls to the normal number. Has anyone else noticed increased calling from their receivers?
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    Spot Beam HD

    Lyngsat is showing 3 HD feeds on each of 110 tansponders 27 and 29 spot beams 46 and 47 which are I think for Alaska and Hawaii . I am wondering if they might do the same for Puerto Rico given that the Rainbow 1 channels really need a 6 foot dish for decent performance.
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    Billing Query

    Does the 89.99 for Americas everything include locals?
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    Voom Channels in USVI

    Can anyone tell me how well they receive the Voom Channels from 61.5 in St. Thomas and St. Croix. If anyone is receiving them grateful if they would post dish size and signal strengths on the Rainbow 1 (odd transponders). Would also be interested to hear if anyone is getting them in St...
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    Pre-Paid Dish

    I was just reading the information on the Dish Website - As I understand it you can use several 40 dollar cards at once using say one for the Top 250 package, one for HBO, one for Cinemax etc. and the packages will just expire after the set number of days for each package. Would be grateful if...
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    Rainbow 1 HD Footprint

    Does anyone know if the useable footprint goes South East of Puerto Rico where it is already weak, specifically if it will reach St. Kitts at 17.2N 62.6W?
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    Problems with Vonage and 301 and 501

    I am finding that my receivers are making multiple attempts to connect each month, eventually they all make it but sometimes it can go on for a couple of days before they do. I have set *99 as the dialout prefix but it has not made a noticable difference. I think the problem is my DSL line is...
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    211 question

    Is it possible to look at signal strengths on a new 211 after it has downloaded software and before it has been authorized by Dish? At the moment it is showing the call Dish message and I want to do some more signal checking before I call Dish for authorization.
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    New York Nets going to spot beam?

    I just noticed on channel 243 there is a message 'moving to chan 2' and similar messages on the other Nyk channels. Sounds ominous, does this mean they will be moving to a spot beam soon?
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    HD in Puerto Rico

    Does anyone know the answers to the following: How big a dish does one require to receive the HD channels on Rainbow 1 in Puerto Rico? Can the Newyork Network Channels be received as distants as with SD Network channels in Puerto Rico? Are there any problems associated with getting HD...
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    Super Dish Too Big?

    There was a lot of talk about the Superdish being too big. This is what I need down here in the Caribbean to get three satellites. At present I have 119, 110 and AMC6 at 72 for Internet. The right hand dish would tip about 3 degrees further up to get 61.5 for CBS HD, something I will do...