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    Scarce Times for FTA - Sports Bars to Blame?

    As I look around the cities I pass through, I see a BUD on maybe one out of 200 homes. I would not be surprised if only one or two on average actually work. This has always been the true FTA loophole. Because our numbers are so tiny, it's hard for the providers to justify expensive encryption...
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    Did the Birdview Focal Length Increase - Still No S2

    After the very knowledgeable members here wrote about the Birdview focal length issue, I went ahead and extended it an inch. I did it with 7/8 inch nut couplers and washers. I had to grind off the original nuts so that the struts wouldn't break off. Then I attached the struts to the scalar...
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    I See a Paraclipse.

    I'm in a quandary. A conundrum. A puzzlement. The other day I was out scouting about for a real estate deal. I am in one of the more depressed real estate markets, but since I put money away for this rainy day, I am ready to take advantage of a good like foreclosure opportunity. But in my...
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    Too Many Crashes

    I think it's some of these ads. They are causing very slow loading and now, regular crashes. I know people have to pay the bills, but if I keep getting these crashes I will end up abandoning the site. Some limitation on the ads should be considered. The tricky animation and graphics takes...
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    Got a C/Ku Orthomode. Now What??

    Well I just received one of those C / Ku Orthomode feedhorns that linuxman was selling. He advised that the best way to hook it up was with a 4x4 22khz switch. I think I also want to keep my 1 meter dish for circular Ku, so I don't know the best switch setup. I will want up to 4 receivers...
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    Need Skew Control Option for Football Season

    With so many cool football feeds coming down in S-2 and with those fractional settings sometimes so exacting to grab, I am considering like a Corotor 2. I figure I will need a fine skew control to get them. But the problem is, I don't see any new skew control unit out there. There seems...
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    I Need to Delete all Codecs and Start Fresh

    I have an HTPC I built. Has an AMD chip and a Radeon card. Running DVBviewer and Technotrend tt3200. I think I must have made a mistake loading codec packs instead of individual codecs. I make selections of one codec or another and the computer basically ignores the selection and does what...
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    Automatic Skew?

    I was thinking the other day that if there is enough power to the dish to aim a dish via USALS, there ought to be enough power to turn the sensor to get the best skew. Of course already they have H or V on automatic. How much harder could it be to turn and set a servo thing with the receiver...
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    VLC Media Player for Satellite?

    This VLC Media Player seems at once free, self contained and stable. Although I see internet comments on various sites about using it for satellite reception, nothing specific on a real "how to". I have DVBviewer Pro and it has its issues. It crashes, and of late it's been blinking btween...
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    Demon Wind

    Well yesterday was something. Winds of 50 mph or so blew for hours. I have not been up to look at my Birdview or Winegard, but neither one gets any signal now. Some of you may remember that I never buried my masts too deep in the ground but filled them with rebar and concrete. I also...
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    HTPC build stalled - help?

    I built a home theater pc a year ago for S2 satellite reception and for some other entertainment uses. Used a Gigabyte motherboard (graphics card incororated) , an AMD 920 chip 4 gig of RAM , my own graphics, sound cards. Two hard drives - one a 1 tb SATA drive and the other a 500 GB ribbon...
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    TT 3200 no sound. Anyone?

    Home built PC AMD 920 chip, ATI graphics card . Get no sound on tv. Had a Diamond sound card and thought that might be the issue, so changed it to another brand last night. Same problem. DVB viewer. Changed DirectX codecs for audio. Even uninstalled all codecs and then reinstalled new...
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    I'm Really Annoyed at Dish Network!

    First of all, I don't do hacking and my receivers contain only factory bins. I turned my dish yesterday to 148 west to pick up a few free stations on there, but they were black. So I rescanned that satellite in with my Sonicview 8000 HD I had a friend over for a beer and we were just...
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    Loop Through to TT3200?

    Although I am actually making progress with my TT3200, there is one major annoyance- The peaking of the dish is much easier and better on my Sonicview HD receiver. Instead of phsically disconnecting and reconnecting the RGB cable, it sure would be better if I could utilize the loop through...
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    Guide for C2 Online ?

    I got my three and have begun my experiments. I note the angle markx on the back end and the depth measurements on the throat. but I find no guide for installation or tuning online anywhere. anyone know where to find an installation guide?
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    TT3200 issues

    After a lot of fits and starts, I have finally gotten my Home Theater PC with tt32oo to show some stations. I note a few things and am wondering if the other Guys out there have been experiencing the same thing. There are so many settings associated with blind scan function, it is like the...
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    S-2 Question for Iceberg and Others

    I have been trying hard to get any s-2 station with my new Home built PC with TT3200. So far nothing. I'm using a BSC 621-2 universal lnb. Has anyone gotten S-2 or 4.2.2 with that lnb? Which unit are you guys using? I have no idea if that's the problem,, so I'm asking
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    Where am I on Learning Curve?

    I've got my home built home theater PC done, with tt 3200 and DVBviewer and graphics card. I have even gotten some C-band stations - I picked up a few off of 99 west and some of the ION group on 103 west. I haven't gotten any S-2 stations yet, like those on 105 west. Same with 4.2.2. I...
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    Chip speed for TT3200

    Did I err? Right now I am hurrying up and waiting for my XP delivery from Newegg. In the meantime I note on the Technotrend website a recommendation that the cpu speed minimum should be 3 or 4 Ghz for HD. The chip I bought for my build is an AMD Phenom II quad core running at 2.8 Ghz. For...
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    Building dedicated home theater system

    Well I've never done it before, but I'm building one. Got a case that's not a tower that will fit in my rack. Cool look. Aluminum, display, volume knob The motherboard is one that has all kinds of outputs like HDMI and DVI. Advertised that it will work with and amplify graphic card output...