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    Recieved my 612/problem

    I am not surprised that there are a few bugs, but engineering clearly did not anticipate this. Some of these boxes are almost unusable. Also, the 612 was not my first choice, as i would have preferred a 722 or 622. However, Dish would only allow me this unit due to the number of leased...
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    Recieved my 612/problem

    I have had similar problems, including getting frozen in the guide, audio drops, and a couple of spontaneous resets. I am now on my second unit in two days. However, one problem that I encountered was the unit shutting itself off from the remote, and the front panel buttons. After many...
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    Fios HD Availability

    I told their customer service department to call me when the HD boxes come in, and then I would order the FIOS TRIPLE PLAY service. Anyone want to bet that I never get a call?
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    Fios HD Availability

    Hi James: I live on Long island as well. the reps are saying that the memo regarding the inventory came out on Friday Feb 1. Perhaps I will try to place the order on line. Thanks. BTW What is your impression of the service so far?
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    Fios HD Availability

    Just spoke to multiple FIOS reps, and have been consistently told that there are no HD boxes available, and could take up to 4 months for the problem to be resolved. They are offering 4 months of free standard definition dvrs in the interim. Boy, what a way to bring momentum to a screeching...
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    Skyvision DSR-410 - Enter To Win

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    Jumbo Universal Remote Control - Enter Here to Win

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    Spiderman Movie Collection - Enter Here to Win!

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    4GB SanDisk Secure Digital Card - Enter Here!

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    MyBook 320GB External USB Hard Drive - Enter To Win

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    9" Portable DVD Player - Enter To Win

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    Sportsnet NY HD on Dish this summer

    I was at a NY Mets game on 6/18 and noticed that in the mens room plastered all over the walls were ads for Sportsnet NY in HD on Dishnetwork channel 388. The ads were created by a retailer Antennastar. I found this interesting so I called Sportsnet NY last friday to get some confirmation that...