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  1. amc1

    Galaxy 16 at 99.0°W

    what is on this sattelite now? i been away a long time and only now getting home . my dish has moved .have to line it up again. also need setup instructions for dish and settings on the reciever for cband. need all the help i can get?:confused::(
  2. amc1

    what sattelite has some stuff on it?

    what sattelite has some stuff on it? i been out of the loop for a long while due work commitments.?i dont have anything that does ac3 at the moment.i had g16 but their not much on it anymore.;)
  3. amc1

    g18 ?

    is g18 all ac3?
  4. amc1

    g18 ?

    anything on g18 worth watching i moved of it a 1 and half years ago was wondering if their is anything on c-band ?:)
  5. amc1

    strong transponders ?

    how about 91 (G17 AKA G11) c-band?
  6. amc1

    SatStar is it accurate ?

    bump this up again.
  7. amc1

    whitch should i use?

    true to use true i guess that would say it all ,lol.thanks stanleyjohn.
  8. amc1

    whitch should i use?

    whitch should i use as i get mixed up and comfused when trying to get asignal with a compass? Azimuth (true): 220.8° Azimuth (magn.): 241.0° i forget whitch 1 to use.:confused:
  9. amc1

    SatStar is it accurate ?

    just wondering if SatStar is accurate ? i want to move my 6ft c-band dish and want to check spotbeams out.;)
  10. amc1

    Any long Memorial Day weekend FTA projects?

    to my american big brother from me and the rest of canada your little brother have a good Memorial Day weekend. , though im not from the usa ill be moving my big 6ft dish not sure whitch sattelite is the best to move it to ? got to find something .seems g 16 is a bit of a know if i...
  11. amc1

    Do you use protection???

    i learned the hard whey i lost an reciever and a ku-lnb through a thunderstorm .i never had a surge protecter connected to it in my bed room .the reciever in living room was ok.that was a bummer. i lost 1 of my best everything is grounded and surge bars where needed.there is a...
  12. amc1

    is it worth while 87.0°W AMC 3 c-band?

    91Wwhat is on that ? also 35-40 of the same feeds?
  13. amc1

    is it worth while 87.0°W AMC 3 c-band?

    any other sattelite other than 87.0°W AMC 3 c-band?any other c-band with a few channels on it out there?
  14. amc1

    is it worth while 87.0°W AMC 3 c-band?

    i was wondering if it is worth while 87.0°W AMC 3 c-band?i was thinking of moving my dish? i live in nfld canada.:D
  15. amc1

    Whats best Ku bird for wildfeeds?

    i thought their was nothing left on 123?
  16. amc1

    strong transponders ?

    thanks for the quick response guys.
  17. amc1

    strong transponders ?

    i been out of the loop for a while want to try ang find amc 9 and 125 i was wondering what were good transponders for both sattelites ? :confused:
  18. amc1

    looking for a remote?

    yes i have 1 but only thing ill do is shut the tv or my express view 4100 off and wont turn on anything and the fortech is not listed with the directions,lol. its rca as well.
  19. amc1

    amc 9 in newfoundland

    sorry for the lateness i havent been on in quite a while . i have not tried to get amc1. sorry .