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  1. coinmaster32

    Odd HDMI issues with new home theater system.

    Just got a new sony surround sound receiver. Hooked it all up, and the hdmi from dish was purple... I thought "awe crap, the HDMI board in the Sony is bad". So I reboot the Dish Hopper red button style. Comes back perfect. I shut the receiver and the Sony off, and turn it back on. Purple...
  2. coinmaster32

    Inside an old cable head-end.

    A tornado recently blew the door open a cable head end, located on the property of a friend of my dad. The cable company has not used the head end in 10 some odd years. With his permission I went inside and took some photos. The head end itself. I found it odd that there was, and never has...
  3. coinmaster32

    Conflicting recordings.

    I have no recordings scheduled on the hopper in my room. However my mother wanted to record something in the other room. Keeps saying "recording may conflict". What gives?
  4. coinmaster32

    Dish won't replace smart card, since when?

    I have not had one replaced in eons, but this weekend I had family over and my 3 year old cousin thought it would be funny to take one out and chew on it. I called dish, and they said the entire receiver would need to be replaced. Since when?
  5. coinmaster32

    Dish has it's own porn site.

    We all know dish has porn, but I just found out through uh...research and stuff..that dish has it's own 18+ website for one if it's own porn channels, complete with even a dating site. Not gonna post the link here, for obvious reasons, but did some backend checking and it is indeed owned by dish.
  6. coinmaster32

    Dish doesn't take discover, but they do take pulse..

    I noticed Dish only accepts Visa and MC, Nyce, Star and Pulse. I recently got a Discover card and lo and behlold, it says "pulse" on it. So I made a payment with it, and it worked!
  7. coinmaster32

    The book is here, now feast your eyes.

    The prototype Dish Network System!
  8. coinmaster32

    A...ten inch satellite dish?

    So there is this website: That apparently sells a 10 and 16 inch dish. The 10 inch dish is over 200 dollars, compared to a cool 39.99 for a 18" standard dish. I've NEVER head of a 10 inch satellite dish, nor ever seen one.
  9. coinmaster32


    American express appears to have a show on channel 95 talking about money management. Interesting.
  10. coinmaster32

    Starting a project.

    Been wanting to do this for a while. I need all the information I can on Dish Network, mainly older stuff. I am starting a "Dish History" website. If you have any of the following, I would appreciate it, pm me. 1. Any type of brochures, including sales brochures, dealer brochures, etc. 2...
  11. coinmaster32

    I'm glad I have dish.

    I spent a week with my brother who has charter cable. We all know that the dish hopper menu looks like.. Very modern looking, right? Well here is the Charter menu, which seems to be standard across all devices. The guide. Eww. I thought when it came on the screen I was instantly...
  12. coinmaster32

    Dish wanting to give me a hopper, but not without installing it.

    Supervisor - Rainier (ID: ): DISH satellites are being migrated and without adding orbital slots to your DISH there will be a tendency that you will loose all programming's after the migration is complete. Supervisor - Rainier (ID: ): Access to other orbital's is not about changing the satellite...
  13. coinmaster32

    Speak Spanish? Get the playboy channel for free.

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't think it's fair to get a channel for free just because your from a Spanish speaking country. However, it appears that playboy en espanol is included free of charge in all the Dish Latino packages. Even the cheapest one "Latino Basico". Dish charges 16.00 a month...
  14. coinmaster32

    What are the 9000 series channels?

    I noticed while re-editing the guide there are a few channels in the 9000s, most of them are "repeat" channels such as Pixl, HDNet movies, and there are a few special channels as well. Is there any special purpose for it?
  15. coinmaster32

    On Demand, On Guide

    A 16 tuner DVR sounds convincing but from my understanding would be headache to make and then the technology for the coax would be even harder. I think dish should have an option, where if you have high-speed internet, and you have more than 3 tuners going on a receiver, it will popup asking if...
  16. coinmaster32

    Dish or Charter.

    I currently have dish and I am moving in about 7 months to a town with Charter Cable. Charter Cable would be cheaper for me, but cost is not my concern, it's picture quality. So far, I discovered that Charter does not have H2, DIY, and BBC America in HD (dish does), while dish has a few...
  17. coinmaster32

    It's a shame, really.

    I've been c-band free for 2 years now. I used to love my old 4DTV system, although it seemed I was working on it more than watching it, but using 20 year old parts can cause that. I remember the wild feeds in both Analog and Digital. Surprisingly, C-Band could've been really big, had it had...
  18. coinmaster32

    What's going on with Dish's payment processor?

    Past 3 bills I've paid on time. They have taken so long to collect my authorization from my debit card, it falls off the account, and gets put back on. Last bill I paid the day it was due, it was almost 1 week before they actually collected the authorization.
  19. coinmaster32

    There are too many ads on this website.

    I've been a member here for over 6 years off and on. When I was 1st on here, there were very few ads. Now, there are many. In fact I count 3 huge banner ads while I'm posting this. The ads in between threads is most annoying, and disrupts the fluidity of the page. I know satelliteguys has to...
  20. coinmaster32

    Ala Carte? I'm all for it... DIRT READ THIS. “The most egregious of all is ESPN,” McCain said today in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart” program. “There are many, many people, unlike me, that don’t like to watch ESPN...