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  1. meStevo

    Vegas, the sports town?

    Still trying to reconcile the Raiders coming to town as a Chiefs fan, but it was just announced that MGM is buying the San Antonio Stars and relocating them to Las Vegas. Just in the last few years: NHL: Vegas Golden Knights NFL: Las Vegas Raiders (eta 2020/2021) USL (Soccer): Las Vegas Lights...
  2. meStevo

    Can't login to website

    Can't login to the website, have requested to reset my password but haven't received anything yet. Couldn't view the support forum because an ad keeps taking over anything I'm viewing. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  3. meStevo

    NFL comes to CBS All Access

    Pretty big deal IMO for $5.99/mo.
  4. meStevo

    NFL Red Zone a buffering. Typical performance?

    We're giving SlingTV a shot. Would rather go with the Vue service but we have Xboxes on our TVs. NFL Red Zone is a buffering mess, is this typical of the service? Have observed it wired and wireless, able to stream other sources (NFL Sunday Ticket, CBS, Netflix, HBO Go) on the same console...
  5. meStevo

    SIte structure questions

    Some of these are short and terse, don't mean to slight any move or direction, just wondering why some things are set up this way. Movie talk has a Now Playing subforum, seems redundant. Neither Movie Talk or the subforum have much activity. Shouldn't this be a single forum, and anything that...
  6. meStevo


    Didn't think I was on a recurring plan, and surprised to see I was invoice #1, etc. Intentional or accidental issue w/ Xen?
  7. meStevo

    Edge, WP questions.

    Who's doing this? Thoughts? Tempted to make the jump to WP from my Note 3, but am kinda conflicted. Would probably switch to Edge to do it. Might wait until after the next round of Samsung announcements. Is there a phone worth waiting for already announced on the horizon worth waiting for...
  8. meStevo

    Note 3

    So what are people's thoughts that have had a chance to fondle this new phone? As a Note 2 owner I have to say it took a great amount of restraint to not walk out of Best Buy with a shiny new phone. It feels more solid than the Note 2, I really like the new backplate, will make the unit much...
  9. meStevo

    Protection Plan Premiere experiences?

    Anyone have any experience with the premiere service? We have a TV with a dying panel, there any reason not to give this a shot? Unless I am missing something this seems like an almost reasonable replacement for most individual warranty services (tv, phones, etc) a few advantages aside. Sent...
  10. meStevo

    Madden 25 + Sunday Ticket, $99?

    So it appears there's a deal this year where if you buy Madden you get Sunday Ticket for free. If this doesn't include MAX then I'm not sure you really come out ahead given the usual discounts, but interesting promotion. If you aren't a subscriber and sign up with this offer you get Sunday...
  11. meStevo

    Pat Summerall dead: Legendary NFL broadcaster dies at 82

    RIP Pat Summerall.
  12. meStevo

    2013 NFL Owners Meetings

    Owners meetings start today, below are the recommendations from the competition committee. Will be interesting to see what other business comes from them. This consolidated list is from PFT. Proposed rule changes 1. A play that would have been automatically reviewed by instant replay will...
  13. meStevo

    Playstation '4'

    ...or whatever it may end up being called, appears to have an announcement date. Sony is inviting press to NY for an event on 2/20 to talk about the future of Playstation...
  14. meStevo

    Netflix gets Disney in 2016

    Netflix has won the rights to Disney movies, and starting in 2016 when Starz contract expires they'll be the ones playing the Disney catalog in some cases just several months after it leaves theaters...
  15. meStevo

    Anyone ever considered a switch to Prism?

    Has anyone ever considered a switch to Prism, and if so what kept you with DirecTV? Or did you give them a trial and return? The price differences are compelling enough to get me to call and check on my commitment, and probably stop by a CenturyLink store this afternoon and try out their demo...
  16. meStevo

    2012 NFL Rule change proposals.

    Competition committee considering the following rules change proposals: 1. Giving the authority to determine replay reviews to the replay official in the booth, not the referee on the field. (proposed by the Bills) 2. Modifying the horse-collar tackle rule to remove the exception for...
  17. meStevo

    Justice Department to Apple, Publishers: Here we come.

    The Justice Department finally catches up to Steve Jobs - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech Justice Department coming after Apple and publishers for collusion relating to the switch to the agency pricing model, something the European Commission began investigating last year.
  18. meStevo

    Saints violate NFL Bounty rules, paid bonuses to injure players

    Figured this probably deserves its own thread... For three years administered by Gregg Williams the Saints defense operated a pay for performance or bounty program that awarded players $1000 to knock a player out of the game, with bonuses for them needing to be taken off with assistance...
  19. meStevo


    This looks like another disaster for Sony, anyone getting one or considered it?
  20. meStevo

    NFL Postseason Awards 2011

    Will keep this post clean and post my own when I have a minute, think I've explained my choices and reasons for some of them in the main thread, but this will be fun to go back to and continue to discuss when the awards are announced. MVP: Offensive Player of the Year: Defensive Player of...