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  1. dcowboy7

    FREE Premier Preview June 18-21

    265 channels includes HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, SportsPack. Should start Thursday June 18 @ 6:00am & end Monday June 22 @ 6:00am. It was announced in the DirecTV June email newsletter. Good reason for an eSata hard drive for the DVR. Some HBO/Cinemax HD Highlites: 300 3000 Miles...
  2. dcowboy7

    DirecTV Premier FREE Preview - June 13-15

    HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, Encore + everything else !!
  3. dcowboy7

    DirecTV Premier FREE Preview - June 13-15

    HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, Encore + everything else !!
  4. dcowboy7

    Record/Buffer Question

    Here is the scenario: - i want to watch a show and tape it as well. - i put on channel 2 at 9:57. - at 10:00 the show comes on so i hit the orange record button on the remote to start taping the show on the dvr. - at 11:00 i hit stop. - now when i go to play it back the recording starts...
  5. dcowboy7

    Buying DVR in a store ?

    If i cant get the hd dvr for less than $199+shipping from directv is there any drawback to just buying it at Best Buy instead and installing it myself ? I have coupons etc. to bring it down to $150 there so its cheaper than going thru directv.
  6. dcowboy7

    2008 NFL Schedule Release Show April 15 2:00pm et - NFLN

    2 hour show replayed at 6:00pm, 9:30pm, 1:00am. et. ESPN is doing a show too. YAYYYY football !!!
  7. dcowboy7

    Weather Channel audio really low

    anyone notice the Weather Channel audio is really low ? other stations i put on a 25 while i need to got to 40 for them.
  8. dcowboy7

    Progam Guide Question

    How can i tell if a show is a rerun by looking at the details in the program previous receiver gave the origional show air date so it would say "ER - February 19, 2005" but my hd receiver doesnt do this now ?
  9. dcowboy7

    H20-100 fixed....HD now default

    my h20-100 received a fix at about 3:15am today: a) sd channels were the default....thats been fixed so now hd channels are the default. b) u can change the grid program guide option to go rite to the guide and skip the categories page. finally....yay !!!
  10. dcowboy7

    Receiver: slight noise/warm = normal ?

    question: even when my receiver has been off awhile it makes a slight whistling noise and stays a little warm...i just never noticed it before so can someone please confirm for me that this is normal which im thinking it is....thanks.
  11. dcowboy7

    Browns in HD....again !!!

    anyone notice the browns (now that they r finally winning) have been in hd lately....and again this upcoming week. whats next the playoffs ?? wait lets not get too carried away :D
  12. dcowboy7

    QVCHd: 1st qtr 08

    qvchd is coming in the 1st qtr of 2008....would think dtv will pick we just need hsn to do the same cause they have more electronic shows + hotter sales chicks. :)
  13. dcowboy7

    NFL Replay on NFLN not in HD ?

    the colts/panthers game nfl network is showing tuesday nite is not in hd....yet the program guide says its should be in hd and also the game was broadcast in hd on sunday....any ideas ? all the other replay games hav been in hd up till this week.
  14. dcowboy7

    Screen Saver Shutoff ??

    is there anyway to shutoff the dtv screen saver....for example if i hav a directv xm music channel on and i dont change the channel then after about 10 minutes the directv screen saver logo comes up knocking out title/artist....i know about the screen burn stuff but is there anyway to set it so...
  15. dcowboy7

    DirecTV hits at 74 HD Channels

    47 - national channels 9 - regional sports channels 8 - distant network signal channels 8 - pay-per-view channels __ 72 total hd channels now who said they wouldnt hit 70 by oct 31....where r u guys now :D
  16. dcowboy7

    Band-Aid fix for stretch-o-vision (TNT, TBS)

    Problem: u r watching a show on tnthd that they r showing in dreaded stretch-o-vision....u want to watch it normally in a 4x3 format but still staying on tnthd instead of the standard tnt because the pic quality on tnthd is still better....if u use the format button on the directv remote the...