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    The List Not Working

    Can't get "The List" to pull any transponders
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    211K Software Issue

    Getting ready to launch DISH via a digital QAM system. I don't typically worry about software on the 211k receiver as they update themselves, but I have a couple of 211k's that are showing a 069 software version. There is also no menu option for automatic updates. Anybody have an idea of how to...
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    Stuck on Software Upgrade Screen

    I have an increasing amount of receivers that are getting stuck on this screen. This is in a QAM environment, signal is good, replaced Q boxes, have rebooted and still comes back to this point and will not advance. I even left it over night and still will not progress beyond step 3. Any suggestions?
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    Latino Bonus Package

    I am trying to find a channel listing for the Latino Bonus Package on the DISH site. Can't seem to locate it. Anyone have a resource?
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    VIP 722 QAM Mode

    I am having issues getting a receiver authorized in a QAM system. Trying to verify that it is in QAM mode and check signal strength, but the receiver will not let me into the menu. It is stuck at the receiver not activated screen and will not let me into the menu. After rebooting it let me into...
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    Problem with "The List?"

    Trying to pull sat/transponder info off of The List! All of the satellites I select are not showing anything. Is it just me or is there a problem?
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    Current Software

    Does anybody have a resource for checking current software on all Dish receivers? I used to use, but now that redirects me back to the main Dish site.
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    381 Program Guide Issues

    I have about 200-300 381 receivers that it is taking 5-7 attempts at loading the program guide before it will actually load. Anybody else experiencing this? I understand that the 381 user pool is probably greatly depleted as this is a junk receiver, but unfortunatley we bought a ton of them and...
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    Need Mapdown Channel Clarification on The List

    Is there anyway to get HD mapdown clarification on "The List?" For example TNT is channel 118 on Dish Network and the HD version for the continental United States is on channel 9419. However I don't know the true HD channel for all HD channels. "The List" also contains the channels for HI, AL...
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    Missing HD Channels Need Acurate Channel Listing

    I manage field operations for a PCO and have several HD channels missing at multiple locations. I have always relied on the EKB Channel listing for correct Sat/TP, however as of late I am unable to get the correct Sat/TP. Does anybody have a better resource?