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  1. vw412fan

    Newbie question: do I need a new switch

    Hello all, I just installed my prepaid Dish setup, got tuned to 119/110 with signal at about 101. Really happy I got it locked in finally (it took me awhile) I had trouble along the way though, making me wonder if I have a bad LNB / switch setup. It is a Dish 500 119/110 LNB setup with a...
  2. vw412fan

    Thanks Satellite Guys!!

    Hi all, I'm new here and wanted to post a quick Thanks for the forums... I ordered a prepaid Dish system and got it running last night, with help from the forums, via Google of course! Got a good lock on 119 but had trouble getting 110, found a couple of threads here that helped me out. Turns...