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  1. bluezbear

    HR21-700 WD estata to esata?

    I have a HR21-700 and am adding a WD My Book 1TB drive without any luck. The cable is Dynex estata. Is the connection on the receiver estata or sata because it doesn't seem to go in all the way. Oh yes, the receiver won't recognize the hard drive. What hard drive works with a HR21-700?
  2. bluezbear

    Apple Airport Help

    I just changed to an Apple Airport wireless router and my HR-21 can't see it. I went to the advance setup but have no idea what to input. It worked fine with my Linksys but the wife has two Mac's and they didn't work well with the Linksys. D* says they only help if I buy a Powerline device...
  3. bluezbear

    Where's HBO On Demand

    Why no HBO or Cinemax ON Demand. The other premium channels have them. What gives?
  4. bluezbear

    Recording Failure

    I've had D* for about a month. For the second time one of my HR21 receivers has failed to record for a preset tv series. It shows that the program is recorded but when I play it all I get is a white picture. Luckily my dvr in the kitchen recorded each of the programs. Is this common?
  5. bluezbear

    External Hard Drive Stays ON

    I have a Seagate Freecell 750G external hard drive that will not stop. I could live will that except I can only access it once. After that my VIP 622 can't find it unless I disconnect the external HD's power source and reconnect it. Now I simply plug the power cord in if I want to see...
  6. bluezbear

    Locals in HD at 61.5

    I'm in Atlanta and due to some trees can't see the 129 satellite. I can see the 61.5 satellite and get all HD channels except the locals. Will E* ever have the Atlanta locals in HD on the 61.5 satellite. Also, what's the D* satellite for Atlanta locals in HD.
  7. bluezbear

    Why only one dish?

    I had D* come out for a new install. I told him that I have to have HD networks. He said that he get HD with two dishes but D* would not him to install two dishes. Is this true or is he another idiot?
  8. bluezbear

    Local HD networks on 61.5??

    Are there any plans to have the local networks in HD on 61.5? I can't see the 129 sat at my location.
  9. bluezbear

    HR20 With 2nd TV

    I see the HR20 doesn't have coax output for a 2nd TV. Is there a converter for component signals to change them to coax for a run to my bedroom TV?
  10. bluezbear

    D* HD Satellite position

    I have E* now but can't see the 129 satellite for local HD networks. I can see the 110 and 119 sats fine. Where is the D* satellite for local network HD broadcasts? My OTA reception is poor. Help!
  11. bluezbear

    HD with Basic Cable????

    I have D* with a VIP622 however the 61.5 sat is toooo low for me to see and I've put up the biggest over the air antenna to get the local networks in HD. The outside antenna reception is spotted and sometimes very annoying. Can I order basic cable from Comcast and connect it to the 622 for...
  12. bluezbear

    Psp & Vip 622

    Can I download from a VIP 622 to a PSP? If yes, what do I need? Thanks,
  13. bluezbear

    Psp & Vip 622

    Can I download from a VIP 622 to a PSP? If yes, what do I need? Thanks
  14. bluezbear

    Get full screen on SD.

    I just installed a replacement 622 receiver. The old unit had a bad HDMI jack. Now I can't get full screen on SD broadcasts. I have a Pioneer 42 plasma that can show zoom and cinema in full screen from the old 622. What setting have I screwed up? Help!!
  15. bluezbear

    IR on VIP 622?

    I just purchased a Harmony 670 remote and find that the IR isn't working on VIP 622. It does use IR as well as UHF, right? I took the IR only remote from my kitchen receiver and sure enough it doesn't work with the 622. Is is broken? Thanks for any help.
  16. bluezbear

    Second Location Receiver turned off

    Well, E* called and asked for info on my 4 receivers. They "knew" that two receivers were not at my main house. The other two receivers are in my lake house. Seems their new technologh provides them with this info. In the end they said I have 48 hours to give required info on the 4...
  17. bluezbear

    Satellite thru window

    Are there any problems putting my dish inside my apartment behind a window. Will that attenuate the signal a lot? I don't want to use Charter Comm. Thanks
  18. bluezbear

    Local HD's on 61.5?

    I can't see sat 129 but I can see sat 61.5. Does anyone know if D* will add local HD channels to 61.5? Thanks!
  19. bluezbear

    Can't see sat 129

    Help! I can't see sat 129 from my house. That sucks. I have the VIP 622 and now receive HBO-HD but nothing else. What HD channels are available on sats 110 and 119? I would like to get ESPN-HD. Thanks
  20. bluezbear

    Can't get 129 - no HD - HELP

    The dish guy and said a tree is blocking sat 129. He said that sat 129 is to left and lower than sats 110 and 119. My house faces north and the dish on the east side my side yard. I thought we could install the dish to west. What's the location of sat 129? Thanks.