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  1. bigjohn2345

    OTHER Manually adding channels on a DMYCO V9S

    I am trying to manually add the radio channels on SES-3 on an FTA receiver either on my PC (preferably) or via the box itself. I've read that it (DMYCO V9S) is sort of a generic box that is similar to some others, but I can't find any documentation on how to do this. It is possible to do such a...
  2. bigjohn2345

    Relocating an 8 or 10 foot dish

    Hello all, Recently I've been able to find a large dish that is either 8 or 10 foot, I'm not sure of the exact width except that it is quite large. The dish seems to be solid steel or some sort of alloy, indicated by some visible rust, so it probably weighs a good bit. It is assembled in at...