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  1. 300 SPARTANS

    Can't use my external hard drive with HR24-100

    I have just recently moved, I had a HR-22 hooked up to my external hard drive, well when I had the new install done, the HR-22 would not boot up, so my direct tv tech replaced my old HD DVR with a new HR-24-100. (which I rewarded him for, for helping me out) Anyway, when I had this done, I also...
  2. 300 SPARTANS

    Moving after October 6th?

    Hello to all. I'm very new to this forum, just joined today. I have checked numberous topics, but haven't seen anything on this. I'm moving to a new home in about a month, just closed on my new house, however, I was looking forward to getting the Premier package free for 5 months with the...