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  1. mdonnelly

    No Signal on 3 Channels

    Lately I don't get Smithsonian, NFL Network and Science Channel in HD. Other channels are fine. Is this a dish alignment issue or a bad LNB issue?
  2. mdonnelly

    It's Free NFL Sunday Ticket Time Again!

    I'm not sure if it's because we bundle Directv with ATT cellular and internet, but for the 3rd year in a row we get free NFL Sunday Ticket. Just got this email today.
  3. mdonnelly

    New Firestick UI

    I switched my input to the Firestick today and saw a new user interface. I'm not impressed.
  4. mdonnelly

    Thick Orange Cable

    Some company (not marked as a telco provider) is burying a thick orange cable down the length (about 1 mile) of the street leading to my street. Actually, I see this being done in more than one neighborhood. I understand the orange is the designated color for a communications cable (including...
  5. mdonnelly

    Bye bye to The Murph

    San Diego Stadium (The Murph) is being demolished.
  6. mdonnelly

    ATT/D Flags

    There were a couple of workers in our yard today. They planted about 20 ATT/D red flags along our property line, and painted orange lines between the flags. Anyone know what that means?
  7. mdonnelly

    Sad news: Mrs. Peel has passed away
  8. mdonnelly

    Happy Star Wars Day!

    May the 4th be with you!
  9. mdonnelly

    Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore) Passed Away
  10. mdonnelly

    Kicker Tom Dempsey passes from Covid-19

    Saw it on CNN. RIP
  11. mdonnelly

    Chips on Charge

    Just noticed that Michael Dorn (Worf on TNG) is the black patrolman in Chips. I never knew.
  12. mdonnelly

    New Roof - Re-point the Antenna

    So insurance is paying me for replacing my roof shingles because of a storm in August. The roofers pulled the Directv dish off the roof yesterday. Do I need to call Directv to put it back up and re-point the dish? I know the roofers can't point the dish, and I doubt that I can either.
  13. mdonnelly

    Willie Tanner from "ALF" Has Passed Away

    Alf's constant foil Willie has died. Max Wright, veteran TV actor and Willie Tanner on 'ALF,' dies at 75
  14. mdonnelly

    Ring Alarm System

    I bought a Ring alarm system to replace my Iris home security system that's being discontinued by Lowes at the end of the month. I like the Ring hardware, but it's missing some features that I liked in Iris. I was able to use the Iris app to schedule a daily time to arm and disarm the system...
  15. mdonnelly

    DirecTV to UverseTV: Should I Switch (Poll)

    So I currently have the DirecTV Ultimate package at the promotional price, but my 2 year agreement is up next month. Chatting with at&t online, I found that UverseTV is now available at my address, and I can get that installed at the new user price for 12 months. at&t fiber is not available in...
  16. mdonnelly

    R.I.P Willie McCovey

    SF Giants star Wille McCovey has passed away. I remember when he went to San Diego while Ray Kroc was the team's owner. We called him "Big Mac". San Francisco Giants legend Willie McCovey dies at 80
  17. mdonnelly

    Cancelled Dish Today

    I've had our Dish account reduced to a vacation type status for the last year, and they've been taking $15/month out of the bank. Today I saw a $51.95 charge to Dish, so I looked at my account online and saw that it was the same last month too. I didn't mind the $15, but $52 is a little too...
  18. mdonnelly

    New Toshiba Fire TV - How to Use Aux Audio?

    I got a new Amazon Toshiba 43" Fire TV on Prime Day, and installed it two days ago. It has the red and white jacks for external audio, but I can't get audio out of my external amplifier. Yes, it is plugged in and turned on, and the cables are connected the same way that they were with my...
  19. mdonnelly

    To Serve Man

    Watching the Twilight Zone episode from way back. Brings back memories of my USAF years at NSA decoding messages. The officer in the show even has the correct Army Signal Corps collar pin.
  20. mdonnelly

    Upgrade Windows 10 System Disk on an HP Computer

    Last year about this time I bought a little HP Mini 300-240 ($240) desktop computer to replace our aging home-built tower PC. I liked the mini-PC, small footprint, no noisy fans, a little faster processor, but I found that the 32GB SSD system disk was just not big enough for Windows 10 and the...