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  1. memo90061

    Early termination fee?

    Hello! I started with Dish's service in September 2014. How much is the early termination fee? Does it depend on months left, or is it the same? What number do I have to call for that info? I'll just call Dish later, but was wondering if it was worth paying the early termination fee or not. I...
  2. memo90061

    Is it normal for the Hopper to make noise?

    I didn't notice the Hopper making noise until the power went out. The Hopper said the hard drive was damaged or something. I wasn't able to view any of the recordings, and it said to unplug and I did. Everything started to work after resetting the receiver. I've noticed that the fan or hard...
  3. memo90061

    Can't program RC66X remote to Olevia TV

    My sister has an Olevia TV and a RC66X remote. Her remote worked with the Olevia TV before, and after the change to the new house it doesn't work. I asked her if it's the same remote. She said yes. :/ I tried all the codes for Olevia, and it didn't work. I also tried RCA, and Yahama codes. Does...
  4. memo90061

    When changing channels screen is black, and channel won't load

    Hmm, I don't know if this is a noob question, or a real problem. I just got the Hopper today, and I'm still getting used to it. I have the Hopper with the Super Joey. I noticed when changing the channels, sometimes the screen just stays black. I have to "turn off" the Hopper, and turn it back on...
  5. memo90061

    I just ordered Dish Network! Do they also install an antenna?

    Hello! I just ordered Dish Network at a new address. I'm excited! I haven't had Dish Network since around 2007 or 2008. I had the VIP 722 or 622. I can't remember. haha. I got the Hopper with Sling. Does it have an OTA module, or do I have to buy it? I like picking up locals via an OTA antenna...
  6. memo90061

    What HD channels are available in Dish Latino Max?

    I'm looking for a list of channels in DishLATINO Max, but I can't find a clear list with the HD channels. I've been thinking about returning to Dish Network after 7 years! I currently have Sky Mexico, but might cancel it. :(
  7. memo90061

    Thinking about Dish Network (Move from DirecTV? Channel comparison between Top 250 and DishLatino MA

    I've been wanting to get Dish Network for a long time, but as a college student I've been limiting my TV budget to 55 dollars max. I live in Los Angeles, and currently have Sky Mexico and I love the channels. I just don't like the receiver. It's the receiver DirecTV used to have, the HR23-700...
  8. memo90061

    Hopper videos?

    Has anyone recorded the Hopper UI? I've seen the videos from Scott, and CES. I know the UI is similar to the 922, but I would like to see the Hopper in action from a user here. I've searched on YouTube, but there aren't any new videos of it.
  9. memo90061

    Do you have old Dish Network flyers?

    I feel like looking at old flyers, or anything related to Dish (or other satellite/cable companies). Do you have old channel guides? Anything that's old? I have a channel list, but it's from like 2008 or 2009.
  10. memo90061

    Does DirecTV have HTV?

    I just saw a commercial on TV about DirecTV having a lot of spanish channels and they showed the HTV logo. I was surprised because I remember that channel was just on Dish and some cable providers. I checked the website and didn't see that channel. So does DirecTV have the channel?
  11. memo90061

    Telemundo HD is finally coming

    I really don't watch Telemundo, I mostly watch Univision. Telemundo is finally going HD!! Spanish-language network Telemundo will begin broadcasting in high definition nationally this month. The Miami-based company said it is the first Spanish-language network to offer high-definition...
  12. memo90061

    Dish lied to me!

    OK so here's the story. I called Dish Network on March 4th to cancel because it was getting to expensive for me. On sunday March 8 I got a call from Dish Network, it was a DN specialist. He was trying to convince me to stay. He offered Dish Latino for free for 3 months. I asked him if there...
  13. memo90061

    I called Dish to cancel

    So I've been changing my packages for a while to have the cheapest package for a while now. I started out with Dish Latino Max with HD (around 80 dollars), then Turbo HD Bronze with Dish Latino (60), and then I just kept locals (28 dollars with all those fees). I wanted to keep Dish for the DVR...
  14. memo90061

    I am thinking about getting Tivo

    I had Turbo HD Bronze on Dish Network and decided to just have local channels so I could continue using the Dish DVR. Dish has too many fees and the total would be over 13 dollars. I started to think about Tivo. Does anyone recommend it? I noticed I only used the DVR to record OTA programming...
  15. memo90061

    Questions about local HD channels

    I'm looking for the cheapest package I could have with locals and DVR. I'm now thinking about Dish Latino Plus DVR pack. Will I get the local channels in HD? I have another question. If I don't have HD I will be charged 5 dollars a month? It said something about that. :/
  16. memo90061

    Do you think 2009 will be a good year for Dish?

    I hope 2009 is a good year for Dish. :D
  17. memo90061

    Question: I have Dish and would like to get Dish in the whole house..

    I have Dish Network in my room and the rest of the house has DirecTV. My mom now wants to add Dish Network in the entire house. Which would make that 4 more receivers. How much more would they charge to have more receivers? Do I have to pay for each receiver?
  18. memo90061

    what channels from mexico can i get?

    ive been thinking about getting a FTA system to get channels from mexico. i would like to have el canal de las estrellas, galavision mexico, xewt from tijuana ( i did see this channel on the list), channel 4 from guadalajara and a few more. ive seen different FTA channel lists and they all show...
  19. memo90061

    I like that DirecTV has channels from Mexico.

    I wish Dish Network had more channels from Mexico! We have DirecTV and Dish Network in this house but Dish is in my room. The entire house has DirecTV. I just found out that DirecTV added another channel that airs programs from Azteca 7, Azteca 13 and Azteca 40? I'm not sure of the name of the...
  20. memo90061

    i dont know if i should change my packages

    right now i have: DISH DVR Advantage - 50 DISH HD - 20 DISH LATINO bonus pack which is like 13 or 14 it adds up to 84 iim thinking about getting the following: DISH LATINO max DVR pack - 58 DISH HD - 20 = 78 dollars which isnt much of a different but with dish latino max i get boomerang...