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  1. hank123

    Help in mexico, Hank's 3rd world project

    Hey all been a while. I am in the middle of mexico right now, Cenotillo Mexico. I am working on setting up a fta system for a friend of mine. I brought a single KU LNB, and a c/ku combo with the ring, if we can find a good c band dish. Looking at the programing should i go for 30w? It sits...
  2. hank123

    Skip blowing in tonight!!!!

    Wow it all came in tonight. Getting loads on 11M. AM and SSB. AZ and CA had a few contacts in several min. Not sure what is going on but it is strong!!!! Channel 38 27.3859 LSB blowing! Even channel 19 AM is lighting up!
  3. hank123

    Stryker SR-955HPC any thoughts?

    I'm getting the radio bug again and looking for something nice at a fair price. Anyone use or looked at the Stryker SR-955HPC? It seems like a smoking clean radio for a good price right out of the box. Thinking about pairing it with a i-max 2000, I may try to get a tower to run with it.
  4. hank123

    Button hook stuck

    I have been trying to really peak out my 10' Winegard Pinnacle. Getting some night fade and things I could get before I cant now. The Button Hook is stuck on the back. It looks like they used silicone on the top half but it has rusted tight on the back half I think from sprinklers hitting it...
  5. hank123

    Dr.HD 1000S+ Satellite Finder SO FREAKING COOL!

    My wife texted me today that my meter came in. So as soon as I came home I said hello and I was out to the back yard. I told her before hand that when the meter comes I will not be able to do ANYTHING that night. As always Titanium killed it on packing and shipping. Comes in a nice box...
  6. hank123

    Dual and quad scalar ring spacing?

    Just got in my dual and quad scalar ring. Does anyone know what the spacing is on them? How close or far apart do the satellites need to be?
  7. hank123

    Freesat V8 satellite finder Hank's half ass review.

    Got this in almost a week ago and had about 45 mins to dick around with it. It runs about like a v7/v8 box. Has a tv on it so you can watch, you can enter transponders, edit the satellite list ect. I was hoping it would have DB option so I can try to hit stuff that is outside my foot print...
  8. hank123

    Titanium packaging over kill

    Titanium over kills on packing. For a replacement remote. I order sh*t off of ebay in a half ass padded envelope all the time without issue.
  9. hank123

    139w shutting down?

    Was trying to scan the radio stations in on 139 noticed transponders missing. Anyone else seeing this?
  10. hank123

    Hank's Titanium quad feed C/KU combo LNBF

    I have been wanting to have a full C/KU motorized setup running 3 TVs for sometime but did not want to put out the big bucks for a Bullseye II. I have seen others make C/KU combos that work well. I ordered a Titanium C2W-PLL and a cheap X2 dual Universal KU LNB. I removed the plastic covering...
  11. hank123

    need strong dvb- transponder on 30w

    Anyone know if 12052 V or H is a strong transponder on 30w? Needs to be Dvb-s Its only sitting 2.9 degrees where I am at in Colorado. Not sure if I can make her. Need something strong to test with. Thanks
  12. hank123

    Am21 125w dvb-s birdog help

    I have been looking on sathint and lyngsat for a good dvb-s to put on my birdog. Nothing I have tried has worked yet. Anyone know of something that is not listed? My kids want PBS Kids!!
  13. hank123

    Can't hit Intelsat 11 at 43.1W

    I can hit 55.5w and SES 6 at 40.5w but not 43.1w. I was a little shocked I hit 40.5w even without the dielectric plate I scanned in two channels. Does anyone know a strong transponder for dvb-s I can program into my birdog?
  14. hank123

    70.0° West anyone get it?

    70.0° West anyone in the states get it? coverage on c2 in colorado shows out the foot print
  15. hank123

    Would this work on a Zinwell 4x8?

    Would this work on a Zinwell 4x8? C/ku LNBF to non 22khz side of switch single line from fixed C band dish to 22khz side of switch.
  16. hank123

    Running a directv moca network on C band coax

    Are you able to run a directv moca network or any moca network down coax when running c band? Would a swm splitter pass the power, on the power passing side? Or anyone know how to make this work? Thanks
  17. hank123

    New score!

    10 Foot winegard with H-H! Wonderful shape. Needs a slight fix at bottom of reflector.
  18. hank123

    Diseqc switch question.

    Cant find a clear answer as the answer seems to say both things. Is it better to have a Diseqc switch close to the dish or is it ok to drop dual lines from a C/KU combo and run it 40-50 feet to a diseqc switch? Many thanks
  19. hank123

    X2 Premium V came today.

    Got my X2 Premium V in today. Same size as the X2 Mini and everything else looks the same. Ill crack her open later and show her guts next the the X2 Mini. Scans 97w 3940 H 30000 fine no audio skip 99W: 3720 H 8700 getting a little drop, works about 80% 101W: 3953 V 2734, 3957 V 2734, 3961 V...
  20. hank123

    AJAK and ASC1 noise

    I keep running a few tics off from time to time and after speaking with Brian I know its because of the noise from the motor. Where do I need to install the 50v capacitor? Brian also talked about moving the board around but I have no idea where else I could put it. Thanks