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  1. nascr2424

    Distant Networks in HD?

    Yes, there is a seperate checkbox for sd an hd. You enter your address and account # and go from there. DIRECTV: Local/Network Channel Availability
  2. nascr2424

    LA residents losing NBC 4 out of NY as of 02/01/2010

    reading the title had me scared, but should have known only people from Louisiana would think seeing the abbreviation "LA" would actually mean the state LOUISIANA not the city in california
  3. nascr2424

    Phone Line Question

    I have been with Directv for 10 yrs, I have never had a landline hooked up and I have no problem using the interactive functions from sports. I've had hotpass and mlbei and everything works fine. The interactive channels they had for golf also worked fine. The Active button they have now for...
  4. nascr2424

    Neighbor taking satellite signal??

    I'm curious if the neighbor told the installer it was ok to use even though you said no, or did the installer do it on his own and the neighbor just not tell him that you said no.
  5. nascr2424

    New Member Needs Advice

    some people prefer refurbished units since they have been tested
  6. nascr2424

    Neighbor taking satellite signal??

    I may have missed this in trying to read through all the posts but alot of people are jumping on the neighbor, what if he called directv and ordered the service and the installer did this on his own? how is that the neighbors fault? just my two cents, if it was the neighbors idea then forget...
  7. nascr2424

    Neighbor taking satellite signal??

    If its not going to really bother you, why not ask direct tv to give you some type of credit for using your dish for another subscriber, if they say no then tell them to remove the lines of of YOUR dish. just a thought
  8. nascr2424

    Hotpass Feedback

  9. nascr2424

    Hotpass Feedback

    would be nice to hear team audio during commercials on all 4 driver channels. one did #9, one did not #48, one off and on #88, not sure about the #99
  10. nascr2424

    D* has picked the ball back up. IE: Nascar hotpass

    In a Direct Tv flier put out in todays paper it states "new for 09, nascar hotpass absolutely FREE" So I am assuming a couple of channels with in car shots but no radio if it will be free
  11. nascr2424

    We are 18 days from Daytona!

    I'm hoping for something that will allow you to at least listen to the team radio and that is uncensored!!
  12. nascr2424

    Can't view other channel while recording

    I had the same problem last month, it was a bad B-band converter
  13. nascr2424

    Active button on remote

    I LOVE IT!
  14. nascr2424

    No Phone Line + Regional Sports Network

    I've Been A D* Customer For A Long Time And Have Never Had A Phone Line. I Get Everything Fine.