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  1. BMcKen1912

    3D on Directv?

    Has there been any recent news about a date that Directv being would be able to broadcast in 3D? I just returned from a trip to Tokyo and viewed Sony's display on 3D. The soccer footage they were showing looked awesome. I already use Nvidia 3D on my computer when playing some games so I kind...
  2. BMcKen1912

    Directv on boat

    Does anyone have a boat that they use Directv on? The boat people were telling us that the satellite dish would block parts of the radar. Is this correct? Also do you think it is worth getting if you are going on overnight fishing trips? Thanks
  3. BMcKen1912

    New Shipping Center for Gamefly

    I got an e-mail last night saying that Gamefly has opened a shipping center in Philadelphia, PA. At least I think that's where it was in PA anyway. Just letting anyone know that might be interested since I remember reading about some people not having the service because of the slow...
  4. BMcKen1912

    DNS Question

    When I check for DNS Eligibility and it says Eligible under where is gives the signal strength, do they still have to get a waiver from the closest station to me? I am eligible to receive CW distant network, but they told me they have to submit a waiver first. Just wondering if that is correct.
  5. BMcKen1912

    PS3 Wireless Connectivity

    I have horrible problems with my PS3 connecting and staying connected to my home network. Everything else I have on the my network (Laptop, Xbox 360, Wii, Tivo's) all connect with no problems. I'm using a Linksys Wireless Router. I was wondering if there is anything I would need to do to help...
  6. BMcKen1912

    Microsoft's Video Marketplace

    Link from IGN Looks like someone predicted it correctly. Can't remember who said it though.
  7. BMcKen1912

    Best 50-60 inch TV

    I'm looking at getting a new TV pretty soon. I may wait until January, so if there are any good TV's that will be coming out let me know about them too please. I'm looking for something in the 50-60" range for probably less than $4,000. I've looked at the Pioneer PDP-5071HD and the Hitachi...
  8. BMcKen1912

    Test Drive Unlimited

    Anyone else have this game and play online? I bought it the other night and it's pretty fun..especially for the $40 price. I have trouble finding multiplayer races though. It seems that their are never any available. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong spot. The player created...
  9. BMcKen1912

    Suggestions on PDA?

    I'm looking for a good PDA or Smartphone. I don't know a whole lot about them other than just the basics. I was looking at the new Blackberry 8700G, but I've never had a Blackberry before. So I was just wondering if any could give a suggestion on which would be a good one to look at. I...
  10. BMcKen1912

    Hd Dvr

    I was looking to upgrade to a HD DVR before the World Cup so I could record the games and still be able to watch them in HD. I was hoping to not have to spend a whole lot of money on it. I thought with Direct TV that I could upgrade for cheaper but on their website they say it is $499.00 to...
  11. BMcKen1912


    Has anyone ever used this service? It's $15.00 a month to be able to rent a game for as long as you want..sort of like they do with movies. I was just wondering if anyone knew how well it works, as in receiving games and such, and if there are any hidden things you need to know about...
  12. BMcKen1912

    Question about Sun Sports - channel 632

    I'm not at home so I can't check at the moment..but I was wondering since I have the premium package will I get this channel or will it always be blacked out? or is that just for sporting events? I live in Mississippi by the way. Thanks
  13. BMcKen1912

    HD DNS question

    I know there are a lot of threads on this..but can't remember if I read this before or not so I'll ask :p I just got Direct TV installed today since Voom is shutting down :(...but anyway. I requested the HD specific waivers for my networks. They told me that it will possibly take up to 45...
  14. BMcKen1912

    New to Voom

    I just got my Voom installed today and everything went great. Only problem I had was that I ordered a two room installation and they only scheduled me for one room. But I called Voom and they are sending another receiver and said they credited my account so that I won't be paying for it until I...