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    Couple of quick questions

    Let me just say I really love all the information on this forum I am so glad I found it. Thank you all so much for your help. Ok on to the questions. 1. Is there a way to change from Icon to List format for all of the screens. (wife hats looking through the icons to find her programs) 2. I...
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    Ok How does this work

    Ok so if you order a 4 room set up they send you a Hopper and 3 joeys. But if the Hopper only has 3 tuners how can everyone watch something different in every room on a 4 room setup without watching DVR or something that one of the other tuners is watching?
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    PTAT question

    Ok If I have PTAT turned on in my Hopper1 how do you access the programs that have been recorded via the PTAT on Hopper1 from the second Hopper2 and its connected Joeys?
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    2 hoppers 3 joey's

    Ok I am wonder if it is possible and pros and cons of having a set up of 1 hopper in the main room with no Joeys hooked up and having a second hopper with 3 joeys hooked up. We just got the hopper. Wife is all up set and does not like it. We had I believe it was a 522 non HD unit and a 322...