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    Thanks. Nothing like making it easy to find.
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    Did Dish quit supporting the HopperGo? In looking at both the Hopper DVR timer settings and Dish Anywhere I no longer see the option to “Prepare for mobile” anywhere.
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    4K Joey swap

    Thanks, I’ll PM you if I decide to upgrade. Trying to decide if I just want to swap locations of the H3 and the Joey. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
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    4K Joey swap

    What is the cost to swap a standard Joey to a 4K Joey and is their a monthly fee change as well? Also does it require a site visit as it’s basically a direct swap.
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    1000.2 WA Hybrid LNB

    Yes, just swapping a Dish 500 out with a 1000.2 and just wanted to confirm that the LNB would work. I though I remembered doing that when I activated my 211 for my RV. Just hooked the receiver straight to the cable from the hybrid dish.
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    1000.2 WA Hybrid LNB

    Thanks. That’s what I thought.
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    1000.2 WA Hybrid LNB

    Just want to confirm that a 1000.2 hybrid dish will work with a 211 receiver as long as there are no other receivers in the dish correct?
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    What's for dinner ?

    Thanksgiving dinner!
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    Dish Network Wally

    Can I mix a Wally and a 211 on my account. Currently have two 211’s in addition to the hopper.
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    That will save me lots of hard drive space as the wife won’t be able to record every movie on those channels. Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Exede Ground Cable

    Don’t have the system but would expect they would want it grounded back to the main system grounds so as not to develop a ground loop.
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    Dual OTA Adapter Support for Smaller Subnets

    What channels are those and I’ll look to see if I get the guide info for them. I’m in Modesto and have OTA hooked up. I looked and I do get the guide data for ME-TV on Ch 03-02 but not sure what channels the others are.
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    Who is getting the new iPad?

    He probably means on the phone to which you are tethered.
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    Will I lose my HD feed from my RSN?

    Ended up streaming the last of the game on the NBC Sports Net app.
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    CES Forum not showing posts in the iPhone/iPad app

    Is anyone else having problems with posts not showing on some topics? I'm not showing any posts, yet it shows there are two pages. This occurs in several topics under special events yet other topics show fine.
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    How to connect bluetooth headphones to Joey

    Yes, If I remember correctly it appeared after I plugged in the adapter.
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    How to connect bluetooth headphones to Joey

    Yes, there is a Dish Bluetooth dongle for the Joey that when plugged into the USB port enables Bluetooth on the Joey. It's fairly self explanatory one the option is in your setup menu. You can mute the TV and listen only through the headphones.
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    Got my license!