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  1. saguaro

    Stuttering and Pixilating Recordings

    HOPPER WITH SLING. Watching satellite or OTA channels live works OK with no problems. But, when I try to watch a program I’ve recorded, it starts OK- then pixilates, stutters, stops… and maybe starts again. Then it repeats its stuttering, to the point where it’s unwatchable. This happens with...
  2. saguaro

    DISH Playmaker use at a condo

    Wife and I are planning our move to a condominium. It has a south-facing veranda, and wired Comcast service is included with the condo. Satellite dishes aren’t allowed. I don’t want Comcast, and would like to move our current DISH setup and service plan there. We have a Hopper-with-Sling plus...
  3. saguaro

    TWC's Weatherscan - Local Channel -

    The Weather Channel's Weatherscan is now on channel 010-00, on the spotbeam with our local channels. It's much better than the generic Weather Channel. It gives weather for four Arizona locations; Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Lake Havasu City. There are three different screens with rotating...
  4. saguaro

    How to cascade Legacy SW-64 with SW-21

    I need advice on how to cascade two Legacy switches. I'm running one 622 with slave and two 508's. My Legacy switch is a 6-4, with WaveFrontier LNBs at 91 (for Bell, with no switch), 110, 119 (and 129 waiting to hook up). I have 61.5 on a separate Dish-300 in order to get Euronews on channel...
  5. saguaro

    How do I program 3700's IR remote?

    I'm trying to program the IR remote of a model 3700 so that it will control the TV. This remote has no "address" button, and the instruction manual is long gone. What button (or combination of buttons) do I use in place of an address button to initiate and set the code for the TV?