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  1. LQQK

    Joey 4K + Vizio TV + Vizio Soundbar Hookup Question.

    My sister has a 4k Joey, Vizio TV & just purchased a Soundbar. She asked me if she will still be able to use the Dish 54.0 remote with just one button press to turn on/off all three devices. I looked up her soundbar manual and it only has one HDMI (ARC) connection that goes to the TV ARC...
  2. LQQK

    Fox Is Back?

    Looks like the feud is over!
  3. LQQK

    Guide Freezing On H3?

    The Guide on our H3 freezes several times a day. It started somewhere after the U539 Update. The attached picture shows what it displays when it freezes up, always showing the same channels although I'm usually watching another channel. In the picture taken this morning, I was watching ESPN CH...
  4. LQQK

    METV CH 247 Missing?

    Has Dish TV removed METV channel 247?
  5. LQQK

    Dish employees help stop attempted jewelry theft!

    Not a Support Thread Question...Just something! Bystanders restrain jewelry store thief, hold him until police arrive Dish employees help stop attempted jewelry theft
  6. LQQK

    FF-->15X-60X-300X Hard To Control!

    Hopper3 I searched, found several older threads, I didn't find what I was looking for (I'm sure if I spent more time the answer is in their somewhere) Anyone else having problems with FF, especially 300X? I can't seem to stop it where it shows on the Time Gauge. If I try to stop after it gets...
  7. LQQK

    HELP-->Switching To Dish! Prefered Equipment/Programming When Ordering For 3 Rooms?

    I'm Firing ATT/DTV. Need Help! I need advice/recommendations on how & what steps I need to take, far as canceling DTV & Ordering Dish. I want to make sure and order the best/newest equipment & programming from the beginning so I won't regret not ordering something I may overlook or not know...