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  1. osumike


    They are giving them to existing customers. Service calls with hopper 1 or 2 get one if they have Joey 1's.
  2. osumike

    Next Generation Hopper

    You're not missing anything. Mostly techs asking the same dumb questions over and over.
  3. osumike

    good 311k replacement?

    The existing cable should be fine, as long as the previous receiver was still getting signal from the dish. You can absolutely purchase any 211 model and install and activate yourself. The current dish she's using is not a dish that will provide high definition programming, so if your mom...
  4. osumike

    Total Signal Loss

    If the mast was loose enough for him to relocate the whole thing, chances are the seal failed and water got in between the mast and your roof. Might want to check that area out for water damage..
  5. osumike

    Lost Dish network Int'l Brasilian channel 118.7

    Just tell them you want the dpp setup. (Dish Pro Plus.) It's also possible the cable running to the 1F port on that lnb is bad.
  6. osumike

    Dish install problems at the lake

    And you're positive you're running the cable from the lnb to the receiver from one of the OUT ports, and not the one labeled IN?
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    Help? Is dish worth having anymore?

    It's both. I've never seen it this busy. I really feel bad for my customers that have to wait two weeks or more for any appointment, be it a service call or new connect. But on the other hand, this is great job security right now, and it doesn't appear that it'll slow down this winter. Even with...
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    Help? Is dish worth having anymore?

    Contact them here: Home - WeConnect - Your Local Smart Home Provider
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    Help? Is dish worth having anymore?

    Hmm. You'd be serviced out of the Green Bay office then, and I know they're backed up two weeks or so, same as here in Madison. Still no excuse. If you weren't so far away from me, I'd try to work something out with you personally. Although, Door County is beautiful this time of year!
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    Help? Is dish worth having anymore?

    I see you're in badgerland.. I'm assuming you mean Wisconsin. Which part of the state?
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    Dish 1000.2 Hybrid and a 211k?

    Unfortunately, no. Port 2 gets disabled in this scenario.
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    DISH to release deployment services RFP for standalone 5G network

    I've installed 5 of these sites myself.
  13. osumike

    Recommendation for an antenna diplexer that will work with Dish OTA module

    If you have a two way splitter laying around, you could try hooking that up backwards. It's likely to work just fine.
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    Downgrading hardware etc questions

    You can certainly downgrade that hopper 3 to a wally, still using the hybrid lnb. As far as transferring the Joey, I doubt they'll allow that since it's leased on another account.
  15. osumike

    Hopper 3 what else does this DVR need

    I really think the mesh integration is coming. Man that'll be nice..
  16. osumike

    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Signed up for YouTube tv an hour ago for the 5 day trial, so I could watch Penn State tonite. Too bad it doesn't have history channel..
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Is it known that DirecTV is about too lose Fox also? Maybe I just hadn't noticed before, but the local fox ota channel here just ran a commercial saying they were in dispute and on the verge. Yikes
  18. osumike

    FOX Dispute?

    I called yesterday to see what they'd say. I was offered either two months of Showtime, the multi sports pack, which I already have, or a $5 bill credit. I asked for 20 ppv movie credits. He had to check with his supervisor, who said no. I ended up taking Showtime.