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  1. jcoppola

    Odd breakup of OTA channels on only one receiver

    I have been following the other OTA issues in the other threads and waited for U506 on my hopper 3 but still have issues with OTA breakups. This has been going on for over 4 months now. I have a Hopper 3 in the home theater room, 4k Joey in the living room and a regular joey in the bedroom. I...
  2. jcoppola

    How long does it take for DIRT to respond

    I started a conversation yesterday to try and resolve a billing programming issue. It was about 24 hours ago haven't heard yet. I don't won't to do chat or csr as they both screwed it up. I'll repost here if more DIRT members are likely to see it. Please let me know.
  3. jcoppola

    Hopper and Joey locations

    Moving to new house and having Hopper 3 installed and a Joey. When media room finished will have 4 K tv there as well. When done can the Hopper and Joey locations be switched just by swapping them is or something going to be messed up with the wiring?
  4. jcoppola

    Dish on a 4k TV

    I asked this last year but figure more people have 4K TVs now. I am getting my first 4k TV next month. People complain about dish PQ. How is it looking up converted by these new TVS? I am inheriting a early generation Sony xbr850a as the current homeowner is leaving it. I have Hopper 2K now and...
  5. jcoppola

    Mirroring the Hopper to feed additional TVs

    Long time Dish customer moving into new house in November. Currently I have a Hopper 2k and 2 joeys. The old homeowner is leaving 2 TVs. In my new home there will be 4 TVs now and 2 will be 4k TVs. I really only need to ability to watch 3 independently. Is there a way to mirror TV 4 and not have...
  6. jcoppola

    Chaleston, SC guide data wrong on ABC 4

    The guide has always been correct but yesterday I rescanned for locals, when it was done and I saved, the guide on the main channel both over satellite and OTA was wrong. It now shows guide data for the sub channel 4.2 the ME TV channel when it should be the main network ABC channel. What is...
  7. jcoppola

    XM reception very bad

    I have 3 radios on my account. A portable Sirius unit I have had for 4 years in my truck. My daughter has Sirius built into her VW and my wife has XM built in to her Chevy. We live in Charleston, SC if that matters due to satellite location. My reception and my daughter's hardly ever goes out...
  8. jcoppola

    NFL Sunday Ticket on Playstaion

    Been long time Dish customer and not likely to change, been happy for most part but I know Dish will never compete for Sunday Ticket and I'm looking ahead to next year. It is my understanding that you can get NFL Sunday Ticket through your Playstation, my question is this. Is anyone with...
  9. jcoppola

    No tuners available?

    We have 2 tvs with a Hopper and Joey. During PTA if tv 1 is on a non PTA channel and tv2 is also on a different channel it uses up the 3 tuners. When trying to watch remotely on DRA or Dishonline you get no tuners available try agin later. I don't remember this happening with the 922, seems it...
  10. jcoppola

    Enable the digital audio out on Pioneer Elite Pro110FD

    Maybe somebody can help me with this. I have an older plasma, Elite Pro110FD which works great. It is over the mantel not in the home theater. I wanted to improve the sound in a simple way for the "family" with no extra equipment and extra remotes. Bought the Bose Cinemate Soundbar. It connects...
  11. jcoppola

    Should over the air locals show up in the guide when using dish remot access?

    Just logged in remotely and noticed guide only shows sat channels. Is this normal?
  12. jcoppola

    If you upgraded and have paperless billing watch your bills

    Upgraded to Hopper in March and have the paperless billing. The amount is always the same sonI don't usually pat attention. Looked my account and 2 months ago my bill was very high. I was charged again for LAST YEARS NHL center ice. Called and spoke to an nice guy named Jeff who credited it off...
  13. jcoppola

    Anyone else missing their local channels?

    Here in Charleston, SC all the networks showing "Sorry for the interruption there is no need to call us".
  14. jcoppola

    PTAT not ready for prime time (or bad Hopper?)

    Well for the 5th time since purchase of the Hopper and Joey setup PTAT has either not recorded my wife's shows or stopped recording them early. First Desperate Housewives second to last show stopped recording after 10 minutes. A week or so later the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice recorded...
  15. jcoppola

    Anybody have a problem with Celebrity Apprentice?

    Seems like I always have problems with PTAT on Sundays. Three weeks ago on Sunday PTAT only recorded 2 minutes of the shows. Yesterday the wife and I sat down to watch the final of Celebrity Apprnetice. Selected it, chose auto hop and then nothing, a black screen. It shows it is there and you...
  16. jcoppola

    Wifes gonna have my butt (DIRT HELP!)

    Had a 922 die last week so Mary B was nice and helped me with a new Hopper and 2 Joey set up. All fine I thought untill wife just called me all bulls@#t. PTAT did not work and she lost Desperate Housewives and Celebrity Apprentice it shows they are there but only a couple of minutes of each...
  17. jcoppola

    Joey Froze twice last night

    I'm sorry if this has been mentioned,there are so many threads. Last night watching the NBA on TNT the joey in the bedroom froze with the picture still on the TV. The box did not freeze up just the channel. I was able to access the guide change channels which worked fine then switched back to...
  18. jcoppola

    Prime Tme Anytime

    Is the Hopper smart enough to know that a sporting event went long and adjust to the starting times of the prime time shows. Is there any DVR on the market that knows that, say for example the NFL on CBS runs late and adjusts the record times?
  19. jcoppola

    WWE Network

    WWE has been promoting their new network that they say will go live in April. Has any service provider commited to carrying this channel?
  20. jcoppola

    NHL Center Ice with dish remote acsess

    I am one the few that have had little trouble watching dish on my phone or Ipad. Why though, do the center ice channels which I subscibe to not show up in the guide when I try to watch remotely?