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  1. littlecloud319

    Is their a cheaper package than the Select package?

    My grandparents are coming up on their second year in February. Last I looked there was a lower package they could get but now I’m not finding a lower one under there account. Are there still deals going on with the retention’s department? Neither of us like calling in but if they’re still...
  2. littlecloud319

    Finally getting a H3!

    After going through all the problems I had with my H2K on my HWS after the last couple updates they’re finally willing to give me a free H3 upgrade. I’m hoping the techs here have J3’s on there vans. But otherwise a J2 will be okay. No more SJ anymore. I believe I saw in a thread on here they’re...
  3. littlecloud319

    Online chat

    Is it possible to do an online chat with an American CSR or is that option only with overseas CSR’s?
  4. littlecloud319

    Hybrid LNB

    Do the new hybrid lnb’s get a stronger/better signal than the dpp lnb’s? More specifically the eastern arc lnb’s?
  5. littlecloud319

    HWS U241

    Has anyone noticed any changes on last nights update?
  6. littlecloud319

    One account two houses

    I know that it wouldn’t be Dish authorized but, would it be possible to install a dish at my grandparents next door and have a Wally that’s activated on my account installed on that dish? I thought I heard of someone doing this already. I’m exploring all options for the when there DireTV...
  7. littlecloud319

    Moca and pixelation problems

    For the past couple months I’ve been having to reset the network connection on my super joey in order to watch anything. I’ve also been getting a lot of random pixelation no matter what station I’m on. Does this sound like a node or lnb problem. I originally thought my integrator for the super...
  8. littlecloud319

    Hopper -> Supper Joey connection problem

    Every once in awhile when I turn my super joey on it won’t/can’t connect to the hopper unless I either pull the power plug and plug back in or do a reset through the diagnostics screen which is the software equivalent. I’m wondering if this could be a problem at the solo node or integrator. All...
  9. littlecloud319

    Looks like satellite tv isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

    Consumer FAQs: TV Spectrum Auction
  10. littlecloud319

    Need Quick Help

    my uncle want to get his Local OTA channels with a standard antenna but there isnt enough signal from his house to use a standard antenna. What's the cheapest dish package he could get just so he can have locals? Thanks, Littlecloud
  11. littlecloud319

    Minimum EHD Size for Hopper’s

    What is the minimum EHD size requirement for the Hopper’s? I tried a 250GB drive powered externally but it wouldn’t recognize it.
  12. littlecloud319

    Executive Customer Service

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but so far every time I use online chat or call the 1-800 Number I never get any help but after that when I email Executive Customer Service I immediately get a call as soon as they receive it and they actually solve the problem. Just thought maybe someone would...
  13. littlecloud319

    EA LNB’s

    What are the differences between the different EA LNB’s. Like the three satellite ones vs the two satellite ones?
  14. littlecloud319

    Eastern arc vs Western arc

    Why does dish use two different arcs when both are visible from the USA?
  15. littlecloud319

    Dish Network Ready TV

    Are there any Dish Network ready TVs like the Direct TV ready TVs? Other than LG’s “virtual joey” app.!/directv/KM1040608
  16. littlecloud319

    Signal strength

    If my signal strength is consistently in the 40’s and I loose signal in even the lightest rain storm and semi-occasionally when it clear out for a few seconds is not worth having a tech re align my dish?
  17. littlecloud319

    H3 and H2 one account

    Can I have a leased H3 and leased H2 on the same account or does one have to be purchased? Sorry if this has already been asked. Thanks
  18. littlecloud319

    How do I tell what lnbf I have?

    Could someone please tell me how to know what lnbf I currently have installed? A couple weeks ago I upgraded my joey to a super joey and they had to run a third line from my dish and bury it. Couldn’t they have just replaced my solo node with a hybrid duo?
  19. littlecloud319

    Satellite dishes

    Can someone please explain the differences between the 1000.2, 1000.4, and 1000+. As well as the different lnb’s. Thanks.
  20. littlecloud319

    8 timers H1 and H2

    According to this page on the dish site it says 8 tuners for H1 and H2 coming soon. Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!