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  1. scooby2

    Sirius channels

    Anyone else having terrible audio on the Sirius channels? I rebooted both the 622 and 612 and it is still cutting in and out. Specifically Octane 20 (6020) but some other random Sirius channels that I checked were doing the same. Ack, Murphy's law. No drop outs since I clicked submit.
  2. scooby2

    612 issues

    Whats the best way to get a flaky 612 replaced? I have called two nights in a row and they just make me do the unplug/reboot and then it comes up fine and works until sometime the next day when it either starts rebooting over and over until unplugged, reboots on its own while watching shows, or...
  3. scooby2

    Anyone know what this is?

    So I used an expensive stud finder and I was able to find the device below in my wall. I'm assuming this is hooked to the OTA antenna on the roof but why are there two rg59 cables and what am I supposed to interface to it with? I have googled some but have not found this thing. Unfortunately I...
  4. scooby2

    I'm back! The HD is gorgeous.

    I had Dish for 2.5 years when the 622 came out but then moved and had DirecTV at my parents for a while and then UVerse for over a year plus. I got sick of being on the 1HD/3SD plan. The installer (an actual Dish employee) brought a Dish 1000.2, a 622, and a 612. I asked if he had a 722 or...
  5. scooby2

    Finding OTA coax in wall?

    I live in an 8 unit condo building and we have a very nice OTA antenna on the roof. The previous owner of our unit completely re-did the place but removed the OTA/CATV coax jacks (did the same with all the phone jacks as well for some reason). Is there any thing that can be done to find them...
  6. scooby2

    Wanting to return to Dish - 722 questions

    We had Dish probably about 5 years ago when we lived in Michigan and really enjoyed it. We had a 622 for me and a 625 for my wife. The only thing keeping me from getting the wife's approval to move back is that she really loves the U-Verse DVR which allows watching shows from the one dvr on...
  7. scooby2

    sero question

    I've had sero voice only + bis for $60 a month for just over a year now. My pearl has seen better days and I want to move to something like the Touch Pro. Does anyone know if I can switch back from sero voice only + bis to normal sero voice + data so that I could use the Touch Pro? I see...
  8. scooby2

    Stick a fork in blu-ray
  9. scooby2

    Expensive 1000+ install

    Isn't the 1000+ supposed to be free or cheap for Detroit and the other 118 markets? I'm feeling like a total pos cause I had my Aunt/Uncle get the 1000+ so they could get HD locals for their 622. OTA is not an option due to heavy foliage. Dish charged $99.95 for the "antenna" and also charged...
  10. scooby2

    Executive Response Team hours?

    Anyone know if the Executive Response Team works weekends and if so what hours they are available? Trying to swap a 622 model A for a 622 model F and the reps/supervisor I talked to tonight could not make any changes to my account due to my Dish 1000+ work order which is open for at least 2...
  11. scooby2

    625 - skipped by priority - wtf?

    New to Dish as of 11 days ago and things were great until the 625 missed a recording last night. I have turned buffers off completely so I know thats not an issue. I set a timer to record a show from 8:30pm - 9pm on tuner 2. My wife set a show to record one time last night from 8:00pm - 9pm and...
  12. scooby2

    new sub with questions on install

    New dish sub as of yesterday and the installer was pretty new to the whole hidef thing so it was quite interesting. I got a dish 1000 with 2 cables coming from 110/119 going to a DP34 and 1 cable from a dish 300 pointing at 61.5 going into the dp34. Coming out of the dp34 there are 2 wires to...
  13. scooby2

    ExpressVu newbie questions

    I'm not sure if I can get N1/N3 or N2 due to my house being surrounded by trees. I am able to get D* but its tough. Is there any way i can buy a cheap dish/reciever off ebay to see if I can get it working? What would I need to get? Is a smart card required for checking signal strengths? If it...