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  1. bsilvertab

    DishCom 222

    Has the DishCom Ethernet over Powerline feature been enabled in the 222 software yet?
  2. bsilvertab

    Disconnecting Question

    I am canceling an accout, and am wondering if they will want the LNBs back or not. I have a Dish Pro Plus Twin with a dual LNB for the first generation 1000 dish. I have been a customer for over two years.
  3. bsilvertab

    Dish 1000.2 + DP44

    Is it possible to hook a DP44 up to a 1000.2 and a wing 61.5 dish and have 5 satellite inputs? That way I would look at 110,118.7,119,129,61.5.
  4. bsilvertab

    Cable Signal Booting for a LONG RG11 run

    I currently have a 700-800ft RG11 run from our house up to our cabin that is on the edge of our property. (I am not running an illigal feed to another residence!) The cable comes in and runs to an 8 way splitter. I was thinking of putting a 2 way in front of the 8 way to see if that helps, but...
  5. bsilvertab

    HD Locals no longer free?

    My parents live in the small town of Manistee MI and until 2-3 months ago they were able to tune into the local FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC in HD using the digital tuner in the TV. All of a suddon these channels went black. I thought they were required to be free? Anyone have any insight to this?
  6. bsilvertab

    Strong Signal but no lock

    Hello- I am located in Grand Rapids MI, zip 49503. I cannot pull in 13.1 or 13.2 at my new house for the life of me. I am pointing a large UHF only antenna in the direction at the tower, which will result in a 68 signal on my HD turner that is built into my TV, but the SNR meter will read 0...
  7. bsilvertab

    Changing Phone Line Phone numbers- Don't want to get Audited

    I am moving not far from where I currently am, but I am being forced to change my phone number because of the move. This means that my 622 will be plugged into a different number. I only have one other receiver, which is a 311 and it has never been plugged into a phone line. Will the change...
  8. bsilvertab

    Electric Interference- Help for Superbowl!

    Hello all- I live in Grand Rapids MI, zip 49525 and own an outdoor OTA Antenna system titled, "The Grand Rapids special" from Bursma electronics. I am struggling to get in channel 3 via HD/OTA. I can receive it with my HD turner in my 622 with a strength from 65-68, but it has occational...
  9. bsilvertab

    622 Question

    Is there a way to easily dump all of your recordings on your DVR without going through all of them one at a time. Mine is full, but don't want to restore me default settings because then I would have to setup my timers again. Thanks.
  10. bsilvertab

    Comcast Retensions

    Does Comcast have a retension department? I pay 59.99 for internet without TV and can no longer afford it. Please advise.
  11. bsilvertab

    Hughes Net Used Equipement

    My friend has a 2-way system that he just turned off because wireless broadband became available in his area. If I were to buy the equipment and install it myself, and claim that we just moved to the house and would like to activate the system that was at the house would that work? If so, how...
  12. bsilvertab

    Activation Problems

    I install E* and D* as a secondary job and constantly have problems activating systems after they are installed. Yesterday I talked to Tech support and he said that the system couldn't be activated until the work order is closed. My responce was, "well, we have never had to do that before."...
  13. bsilvertab

    622 OTA HD Audio Lag

    I have browsed the forums and see that this is an issue. If I call dish to troubleshoot the issue will having them replace the receiver fix the problem? It is really bad on the OTA channels all of the time. Please advise.
  14. bsilvertab

    OTA HD Picture Size Question

    I have a 32" Philips CRT HD set with a 4:3 ratio. I currently have my 622 hooked though the component inputs to the TV. All of my local HD stations appear smaller on the screen then they should be. I have black bars on all 4 sides of the picture. The only way to fix this is to go into the...
  15. bsilvertab

    Omni-directional Antenna

    Hi All- How well do these work? ? I can get all of these stations right ( minus channel 3) now to some extent with unamplified rabbit ears...
  16. bsilvertab

    The worst install ever. Please help.

    Hi all- I just desided to call it a night after working on a 4 room install for 5 hours. I am using a elipical phase III dish and my signal readings are as follows on all receivers. 101- Bounces from 0 to 94 on all transponders 110- solid 90-94 signal on all transponders 119-...
  17. bsilvertab

    West Michigan/Grand Rapids Upgrade

    I just got a pamphlet in the mail from Comcast stating that Grand Rapids will be 100% digital and have on Demand available by June. Excellent! There will be a small price increase of 2 dollars for expanded basic.
  18. bsilvertab

    All Digital Service

    Hello All- I was in the Metro Detroit area this weekend and discovered that if you have a digital box all of the channels are digital. The picture was beautiful! When are they going to introduce this to the Grand Rapids area of MI? Any inside information would be appricated! Thanks...
  19. bsilvertab

    Installation Problem

    Hello All- I have to do an installation on a 3rd floor apartment, but there are some issues with this. I can bolt the dish to the wood deck post, but it is not far enough out for the signal to project over the roof of the deck. I need to figure out what I can do to get the dish out about...
  20. bsilvertab

    Phone Line Q&A

    I am about to sell a 2 DVR system to a cell phone only customer. Please help me understand why the recievers have to be hooked into a dead phone line. Here is a snipit of the doc: In an effort to ensure DIRECTV customers have access to full current and future system functionality, including...