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  1. reubenray

    Grounding OTA Antenna?

    Now that I have my OTA antenna setup I want to ground it being it sticks up about 8' in the air. The mast is secured to the house fascia with an 1 1/2" thick piece of rubber spacer to keep it off of the shingles. The base is secured to the top wood rail of my deck. I am thinking of putting in...
  2. reubenray

    Local Channels Lost During Storm?

    Twice since I moved to NW Arkansas a month ago I lost my locals during a bad storm. I know all about rain fade, but I still can't get my locals an hour+ after the satellite channels are back on. I get the following error message. "Local Channels Interrupted - 536 We are aware of this and...
  3. reubenray

    Dish Moving Plan?

    Is there an easier way to get in touch with Dish to install me a new dish at my new home? I have called the Dish moving number three times (over two days) and was put on hold for 20 minutes (I gave up) each time. Also isn't this number supposed to go straight to the moving tech's? I have to...
  4. reubenray

    Ladders and Installing Dish?

    What are the rules for this now? At my new house a dish can be installed at the roof fascia/soffit area. But they will need an extension ladder to do this.
  5. reubenray

    New Home Setup?

    I will be moving into a new home in about a month and I want to set up an OTA system which will supplement my Dish Network system. I am hoping to have a CM 4228 along with a CM7777 preamp in my attic which is what I had at my last two homes. I will have the antenna facing a gable end which...
  6. reubenray

    Two Hopper 3's?

    Now that I have my rv setup for a H3 I am thinking of doing away with my Wally and buying outright another H3 just for the rv. My current H3 would still be in the house and the 2nd one will stay in the rv. Is this possible? Also would I be able to activate and deactivate the H3 like I do the...
  7. reubenray

    Hopper 3/DPH42 & Trav'ler Setup??

    I am working on setting this up for a single H3. Even though I am getting a strong signal on 129 it is not showing up in my details. I have done the test installation several times. The 110 and 119 sats are showing a check, but the conn is not. Some of my channels are not showing up in the...
  8. reubenray

    Cost of OnDemand & PPV Movies?

    It has been a while since watching one of these and we thought we would watch something. I was surprised that they cost $19.95 now where they were $5.99 the last time we watched one.
  9. reubenray

    Hallmark Picture Issue?

    For the past week just about every Christmas movie recorded for my wife has had picture issue. I would not call it pixilating, but it seems to skip or stutter a second or two. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. reubenray

    Will DPH LNB Work With Wally?

    The title says it all. I plan on using this with my tripod setup on a 1000.2 dish. I also plan on using this with my Hopper 3. I know I cannot use them at the same time.
  11. reubenray

    Pausing Hopper 3 & Joey 3 Service?

    I am planning on moving in a month or two and until I get a new home I will be living in my motorhome using my Wally. Will Dish let me pause the service only for the Hopper 3 and Joey 3 for this time period without interfering with my contract?
  12. reubenray

    Movers Plan?

    Does Dish have a movers plan similar to Directv?
  13. reubenray

    OnDemand/PPV Receiver??

    Will I be able to use my free movies on any of my receivers? I am in my RV with a Wally. I have been watching my free movies on the Hopper 3, but I have never tried with the Wally. I have 11 certificates to watch until the end of August.
  14. reubenray

    Remote Control Issue?

    I have a Wally along with two remotes (54.0) for my RV.. I got a free one from Dish. For some reason one remote will not work where the other one will. The did work, but for some reason they will not now. The one that does not work now will not do anything. Maybe they are to close together...
  15. reubenray

    Closed Captioning on "E" Channel?

    Anyone else having issues with CC on "E"? It works for few minutes and the stops working. I did a reset and nothing changed.
  16. reubenray

    Watching an OnDemand Free Movie??

    I was watching an OnDemand Movie that I got free using the referral program. I had to stop it and now I can't figure out how to continue. How do I continue watching this?
  17. reubenray

    EHD for Wally?

    I want to replace my current EHD with a better/better one and I have a few questions. I had issues with my current EHD with the sequencing of turning it on. My current EHD is a desktop HD in an enclosure that has a power on/off button. The one shown below do not, so I want to make sure I will...
  18. reubenray

    Transferring Recordings from One Hopper 3 to another Hopper 3?

    I have read that I can transfer all or part of my recordings on one Hopper 3 to another Hopper 3 and back with an EHD. Is this correct?
  19. reubenray

    Watching DVR on Hopper 3 with No Satellite Signal?

    Being I have been unable to watch any of my recorded shows on my EHD with my Wally I am thinking about switching to a Hopper 3. But the above question is a concern?
  20. reubenray

    Switching from Wally to Hopper 3 Setup with Winegard Tra'vler?

    After taking an extended trip in our RV I am thinking of switching to a Hopper 3 to replace the Wally. The Wally has restrictions on what we can watch and record that the Hopper 3 should not. But I need to verify what I have to buy and do. I will also be using a tripod setups sometimes. One...