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  1. turbosat

    Printable satellite chart

    Anyone know of a chart with the US satellite positions/names that I can print out? Don't care if it comes out to several pages, would just like to have something I can take out to the dish when I'm tinkering (no laptop/wifi) Something like the chart they used to put in the old satellite Orbit...
  2. turbosat

    LPB on 87W?

    Anybody scan in those PBS stations from Louisiana lately? Haven't tried in a while but haven't been able to see them any more. I may have missed an update but I used to be able to get them on a 1m dish on 87w ku.
  3. turbosat

    Von Weise motors

    Found a motor that came with a freebie dish, got it about 4 yrs ago and never really looked at the motor. Outer tube is rusty and the motor end had a big plastic cover over most of it, but it looked horrendous when I took the dish down and brought it home. So I never thought much about it...
  4. turbosat

    OTHER Is this circuit board fried?

    I have gotten curious enough to open up this X2 box, just to see what's inside. Unfortunately I couldn't make out what processor it has, which was my quest.. I did find several brownish spots on the mainboard, which was unusual, I think. Almost looks like something was spilled, but the spots are...
  5. turbosat

    c=lnbf setup

    Just spent 2hrs trying to align my cband lnbf (cheap backup lnbf since lightning got my titanium lnbf) and I am totally unable to get this thing to conform! I can get all the channels on the 3 or 4 birds I've tried it on so far, with great levels, but they are all opposite polarity from what...
  6. turbosat

    Total lunar eclipse Sunday 27th

    Try to catch the eclipse Sunday night, won't be another total lunar until 2033. Off topic-yes, but I thought a few sky watchers might like to know.
  7. turbosat

    No more solar outages=wow

    Was having problems with some channels dropping out on my Hits2home service today, so I called the program provider to see if they were aware of any downlink problems with their services. (you know, that " place?") I was informed quickly that it was fine and it was MY...
  8. turbosat

    Me-tv goofing up lately?

    Anybody else having Me-tv problems with freezing/halting? Seems to happen any time of day or night, and I'm noticing lower signal levels on ME, compared to the other weigel channels on 101W, about 10pts lower. Other channels on this satellite play ok, even the religious channels and the...
  9. turbosat

    91w is scanning in 93w channels

    Is anybody else noticing these govt channels scanning in on their ku dishes lately? Every time I run the blind scan on 91, I get both 91 and 93 channels. sometimes I only get the one called DOJ but usually it is all of those scrambled channels too. I don't think it's just my dish motor...
  10. turbosat

    SES3 changeover Good information on the replacement satellite for AMC1 at 103W. The new sat will have skew like most others, and the video on the microspace page above explains it nicely. Can't wait till late August!
  11. turbosat

    Heads up for Turner Classic, pay-tv

    Or, as George Carlin would say, Get-paid tv. "2001 A Space Odyssey" at 7pm Central on Turner classic , if anybody has this on their cable or pay service. Grand-daddy of all space movies, I still have the soundtrack album, on 8-track tape!
  12. turbosat

    Firefox crashes +Linux

    I tried running with the adblock extension OFF last night, and tonight, browser crashes both nights, twice tonight already. There was a recent new build of Firefox for Salix64 Linux, which I'm running, so it could be related to that. Currently it shows "FirefoxESR 24.5.0" . I'll try again later...
  13. turbosat

    A week away

    Glad to be 'reconnected' this afternoon, after the big storms Monday night down here my internet has been down. No damage at my place, but tornado touched down about a half mile away , and skipped along moving northeast, blowing down trees and power lines, phone lines in several spots. All of...
  14. turbosat

    ku PLL lnbf question

    I switched out an lnbf a few days ago for one of these new geosat pll ku lnbfs. It seems to work great, but I am scanning in a few feeds on both H & V, so far on only one satellite, 85w. Anybody else using one of these might try it now while these hs basketball games are going on, and see if...
  15. turbosat

    Green Acres actress "Ralph Monroe" passes

    Learned today that Mary Grace Canfield, who played the female-half of the Monroe brothers carpenter team on Green Acres, has passed away at age 89. Daughter said lung cancer, and she died at a hospice in Calif on Saturday. Rest in peace Ralph. (Green Acres airs on Antenna TV but not on fta...
  16. turbosat

    Weather channel analog 131W

    The Weather/Reality channel is now operating in fixed key scrambling mode on the old VC2 system, if anybody left out there still has their analog box/module plugged in. I can't believe mine still works after all these years. Must be a heckuva battery in it, lol. Great looking video, perhaps...
  17. turbosat

    Hits2Home prices increased again

    Just noticed another increase on my H2H bill today. My Family Pack price was 27.99 for Jan 2013, in August it was 28.99, now for this month Jan 2014 up to 30.99. No mention, warning or excuses on the bill or the "programming center" websites. Of course it could be worse . For no contract-tv it...
  18. turbosat

    Tv preacher Harold Camping passes at 92 Those of us who've been around awhile will remember this man, and his satellite channel-preachings. Rest in Peace.
  19. turbosat

    RTV e tonight

    Attack of the Giant Leeches 9pm movie on RTV Must-see TV, lol One of those oldie but darkies in B&W, afraid it'll just be one big dark shadow where you can't tell what's on the screen, but I will watch. 904pm c
  20. turbosat

    NASA lecture on 85W -asteroids

    Asteroid Initiative Ideas Synthesis Workshop The Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston 7pm Opening Day-Plenary Session/Lecture Hall 11851 H 13234 With a name like that, it has to be govt. *If this don't strike you, there are some new shows on comets/meteors and the like on PBS Nova...