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  1. surfdevil83

    State of the conversion

    I was wondering if all the hard work put into this coversion was paying off for the new provider. The amount of time and money to make this happen needs a return on the investment to possibly add more channels in the future. I for one have made sure that I ordered the discovery pack to ensure...
  2. surfdevil83

    Getting 4DTV and HDD200 working again after idle since 2004

    If you do a master reset your 920 will have just X4. No other sats! If you have the proper X4 tile now you might be able to get it authorized even with a tdt of 1920. I guess you'll have to go through the x4 channels and see if the ones you want are there. So honestly I would try that route...
  3. surfdevil83

    Comcast FP

    Thank you very much for your hard work Tvropro and all involved.
  4. surfdevil83

    Getting 4DTV and HDD200 working again after idle since 2004

    Captain ed just to clarify the new x4 is cband not ku. I think we should call out all the 4dtv experts to get this unit running before we lose another 4d customer. If you have a digital camera take a picture of the sats that you have available to you. Is the W5 tile there? Is it possible that...
  5. surfdevil83

    Getting 4DTV and HDD200 working again after idle since 2004

    You could always try old faithful on G4 channel 16 the sheppards channel. This might help you try your dish. After try to get a lock on the W1 or W4 bird just beside 99 west.
  6. surfdevil83

    testing x4

    I wonder if the new seven step process would make a other dsr units a x4 box only like the dsr 921. This could help with the numbers in canada and bring back to life a otherwise useless box. Once moto is out of the picture I think the skys the limit if we have enough support.
  7. surfdevil83

    4dtv programming for canadians

    Call rps satellite and ask for Roger. He might be able to help you after the shut down.
  8. surfdevil83

    The Official 4DTV Maps Experimentation Thread

    Here's one to start with.
  9. surfdevil83

    The Official 4DTV Maps Experimentation Thread

    I have a diagram for building a bdm that I was going to try with my 920 with a dead battery. Someone with more electrical background may want to try it. I'll post it if i'm not breaking any rules. I've tried to get into the wut forum but never have been approved.
  10. surfdevil83

    Dsr 410 or let my 922 remap?

    All the talk about the shut down in the new year makes me wonder if I should try to find a dsr 410 to replace my 922. In Canada I spent years hunting for a 922 I could afford. From what I gather, doing a master reset on A1(aka w5) will remove other sat positions and remove the generics. Ok that...
  11. surfdevil83

    Von Weise reed switch trouble..

    If you post a picture of your reed switch I might have one for ya.
  12. surfdevil83

    DSR-920 Bricked?

    The id number should start with 000. When mine died it started with 004. The way to be sure is to call a provider and ask them if the id thats showing is still good.
  13. surfdevil83

    Help installing a 4dtv-920 receiver

    Sounds like your getting closer supernova! The first time I set up my cband system I used G1 channel 5 (the classic arts channel) to make sure I was on G1. This channel is anolog and seemed easier to find then digital for setup purposes. The other channel that I use is the sheppards channel on...
  14. surfdevil83

    Help installing a 4dtv-920 receiver

    Your limits look ok to get the dish moving so thats not the problem. You may need to adjust the limits to get the lower sats later. Try this.. go into progam sat. pick any sat to set up, then where is says auto peek dish click it and see if the counter moves or counts the position. If the...
  15. surfdevil83

    Help installing a 4dtv-920 receiver

    Sounds like your reed switch is either bad or wired wrong. If the reciever doesn't see a count it won't position. Recheck your wires to the reed switch and make sure you have them in the right spot on the reciever. Direct current to the 37 volt wires will bypass the counter and move the actuator...
  16. surfdevil83

    4dtv Remote

    I have one for ya but I think by the time it got to ya it wouldn't be worth the shipping cost from toronto.
  17. surfdevil83

    Help installing a 4dtv-920 receiver

    Let me make a stab at this one. You m1 and m2 are your 37 volt wires to power your motor. These will be your two heavier gauge wires. Hooking these two wires up backwards will simply reverse your east and west motor drive. The small gauge wires are you positioner for the motor counter. To check...
  18. surfdevil83

    Parts box dsr 920

    I'm happy you found a use for it. It would have been a shame to scrap it, even with a dead battery.
  19. surfdevil83

    Parts box dsr 920

    If anyone wants a old dsr920 with a dead battery for parts let me know. Time to clean house. Just come and get it. Surfdevil83
  20. surfdevil83

    Dead id?

    I called my provider and they say the unit id is no good so I guess I got myself a $150 door stop. Oh well it was worth the chance.