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  1. EdZackery

    722 with 6.0 UHF remote for TV1

    I have one 6.3 IR/UHF without the right key so I use it with no key. With the key out, I use a small object to move the plastic dipswitch to the center, on mine I go to the left all the way then two clicks to the right holding the remote with the keyboard up. If I miss it I move it one click...
  2. EdZackery

    622's are not dead...

    Glad to see this from here. :) We have a 622 and 722 and are perfectly satisfied. No desire at all for anything beyond these for us.
  3. EdZackery

    Audio drop outs

    WA-622-hdmi. Same channel and dropouts.
  4. EdZackery

    Is everything recorded on the DVR in HD? ...

    How can ya tell if a 722 has a Borg tuner or not?
  5. EdZackery

    Called Dish to Do HD Upgrade - Disappointed They CANNOT Guarantee a 722k

    Must have something to do with the angle of the dangle, in NW Oh, ours has been through ice and snow storms over a dozen years and I've never cleaned a dish off yet!
  6. EdZackery

    Called Dish to Do HD Upgrade - Disappointed They CANNOT Guarantee a 722k

    Yes, I have TV1, TV2 from a 622 and 722 along with our OTA signal combined through RG6 to all our sets.
  7. EdZackery

    besides red zone, what is the point of the sports pack?

    No longer a fan of Big 10 network, they caused me to miss a OSU game this year. It was only on BTN, they only used 1 channel at that time and in our area of Ohio and only showed the Michigan game. Dish does that with our locals in our part of Ohio also, glad I have OTA for locals in HD because...
  8. EdZackery

    Nascar race on Fox

    I'm one of the lucky ones. Always watch NASCAR, have 622 & 722 all HDTV's -- our Dish locals are in SD. I get all the Networks in our area at 100% signal strength with OTA , FOX is only in SD here. I noticed that FOX is really good about breaking the commercials a little short sometimes to...
  9. EdZackery

    Horrible customer service experience

    Very good advice and you are correct. I agree. 12 year plus customer.
  10. EdZackery

    no more freebies for me

    I could have the hbo sho deal too but am staying away from it. Same for Gold Plat HD, I only have Gold? I'm a firm believer that no two bills are the same for the same services. Here is last months bill and so I am to believe it was for what I can watch now? Service Date(s) Detailed Activity...
  11. EdZackery

    skinamax for a penny

    Just got me for another penny last billing, didn't state how long it was paid for.
  12. EdZackery

    ESPN classic now green in my guide ?

    Me too, women's volleyball was a lot better back then!
  13. EdZackery

    PPV Coupon Redemption

    Ain't worth the trouble at our place. Easier here to drive 40 mi. each way, eat out, see the movie and not have to wonder what the heck they will do to our account and receivers. I call about the coupon they will change my locals or my package at the same time.
  14. EdZackery

    Ergen: “We really gave too good a deal"

    And you are not counting the millions of people that are paying 5. 10, 20, or more per month for programming they don't even get.
  15. EdZackery

    Newest bill $10 higher than the last.

    I bought 4 new calculators this year trying to get all this free stuff and no price increases to not raise by bill so much. I keep asking myself why would I ever pay more to watch TV?
  16. EdZackery

    Dish knows how to get you

    Dishstore is one of the GOLD Sponsors just above the top of your post.
  17. EdZackery

    question about item on my bill

    Six bucks a month is cheep for a free dvr. I'm starting to wonder about how much longer I can use my lnb's for free.
  18. EdZackery

    Can I replace the TurboHD dish with a 1000+ that I have?

    I bought a 1000.2 last July and it has turboHD logo on it.
  19. EdZackery

    Cinemax penny deal ending??

    My new bill today for next month shows a penny charge for Cinimax for a year.