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  1. atp1313

    Mixed Signals

    I was just watching DiscoveryHD on my Voom setup, and they were running a commercial for the Voom 3 Rooms for $1, plus the VaVaVoom upgrade for 6 months (or 2 months, with 6 month contract). Considering everything that has happened, you would think that someone in management would have...
  2. atp1313

    If you cancel VOOM please post here

    Cancelled effective 4/15 (billing date) and Comcast installing 4/14. At least i will finally have my HD-DVR. So I take a hit in HD choices...that really sucks. But I will be getting Video on Demand and every "channel package" they offer. Plus, since I already have high speed internet with...
  3. atp1313

    $200 Penalty

    I called and cancelled and was greeted by a recording saying that no fees would be charged for cancelling early. I was glad to hear that! The CSR I spoke with was very nice and easily set me for disconnection next Friday, the day after Comcast is scheduled to install my new HD-DVR service...
  4. atp1313

    Follow up ?'s on Voom

    Three games into the new season I am going to make the bold prediction that there are about 30 teams in MLB that, as you say, "actually have a shot at winning the World Series". ;)
  5. atp1313

    Considering switch to Voom

    No AHL....right now it is just IIHL. aka Junior World Hockey
  6. atp1313

    Considering switch to Voom

    Quote: Just a quick questions since I know little about D*. A coworker is wanting to get V*. He is tired of the limited number HD channels...and is equally tired, or envious, listening to me run my yap about Va Va VOOM - he is ready to take the plunge. He owns his D* equipment so can he...
  7. atp1313

    Considering switch to Voom

    Lab is fairly useless, unless stoned or trippin'. But is does act as a decent screen saver. WorldSports is a good source of Soccer, so long as Spanish League/UEFA Championships is your thing. FoxSoccerChannel (Formerly Fox Sports World) is on both the Voom and Va-Va-Voom package, so if you...
  8. atp1313

    Considering switch to Voom

    To fix the Menu/Guide on Power On, go to VOOM (menu), press the Green button twice, select 2, and select Full TV. Next...!
  9. atp1313

    Considering switch to Voom

    I am still an E* customer, but dropped my HD Pak when I switched to Voom. Once DVR is released, I will drop E* altogether. The selection is far superior, though I miss the HDNet channels on E*. The HD PQ is generally far better than E*. I have occasionally seen small problems on some...
  10. atp1313

    Idea: DVR Early Sign-Up

    1. tdillon 2. Bilodeau 3. jbcheshire 4. timbuckone 5. atp1313
  11. atp1313

    It's over for me

    Before I had Voom, I had E*'s HD Pak - what a joke compared to Voom - and my locals would only sometimes come in. The istaller upsold me to a Channel Master Long range antenna, even though I only live 30 miles from FARTHEST signal tower. I could get CBS, NBC and ABC. Fox and UPN are broadcast...
  12. atp1313

    It's over for me

    I have had Voom for about 1 month. I spent about two-three months before signing up viewing posts on this site. I am not a big poster, nor do I feel I need to be. I have not had a bad experience, but will leave for Comcast should Voom close down...though it would certainly suck... As for...