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    Best way to get HD on TV2

    Here's what I have. A 722 with HD on TV1 and SD on TV2 and a 322 with SD on TV1 and TV2. I just got another HD TV that I would like to make TV2 on the 722 HD. Have any ideas?
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    Adding an additional HDTV Per Dish

    I presently have a 722k which has HD on TV1 and SD on TV2 in the bedroom. I also have 322 which SD on TV1 and TV2. I want to get HD in the bedroom of the 722. After taking to two the Dish CSRs they said I would have to buy a box from them for $319 and pay an additional $2 a month. The...
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    HDTV on TV2

    I have a 722k that take care of HD on TV1 and SD on TV2. And a 322 that takes care of SD on TV1 and TV2 on my other sets. How do I get HDTV on TV2 on the 722k? I plan on getting another HDTV.
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    Two remotes to control TV2

    I have 21.0 and a 6.2 remotes that I would like both to control TV2. When I program the 21.0 to control TV2 it works but the 6.2 will not work and when I program the 6.2 it works but the 21.0 no longer works. How can I get both to work.
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    TV2 remote 6.2

    I upgraded to HD (722) and I previously had a 625. I have a spare 625 TV2 6.2remote. Can I use the 625 TV2 remote to control the 722 TV2. If so how? Thanks
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    Cost of Upgrade to HD

    Help. I'm trying to get a answer for the cost of going to HD. I presently have a 625 and a 322 and AT200. I would like to know what equipment I need and the cost and what programing change I need and cost. Thanks.
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    Converting to HDTV

    I need help. Presently I have 1 625 Tuner/DVR and 1 322 Tuner. The 625 controls the family room and the my bedroom while the 322 controls two other rooms. I want a HD DVR tuner to control the family room and my bed room as standard definition and the 322 not to change. How much would it cost...
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    WNYW channel (5) Low sound

    The sound is low on channel WNYW5. I have two sat. boxes with 4 TV's attached and it's happening on all. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Fox channel 5 Low volume

    My Fox channel 5 volume is lower than other channels. Just noticed when I was watching the Giants football game. Anyone else have this problem or fix?
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    What do I need to get HD

    I presently have 625 using TV1 and TV2 and a 322 using TV1 and TV2. No premium channels. What do I need to do to get HD on the 625 TV1 and SD on TV2 with no change of the TVs on the 322? I also want a DVR to function the same way it does now. Also how much more will it cost? Thanks.
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    Local Channels

    Got Dish T1120 with the local channels (NY $5) and I was going thru the channels and found my local channels on other channels. If I cancel the locals ($5) will I lose the others? Thanks.