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    Coolsat 5000

    hey guy's i have a question, is the coolsat 5000 receiver c/ku band or just ku band? i'm trying to get c band channels with an offset antenna 1.2 meters would it be posible? like stmex 5 and 6 they broadcast at 41 db and maybe others satellite that broadcast at 41db and higher i have the lnb for...
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    Receiver up and Running

    Hello guys, i install my receiver today and works fine. watching Azteca channels and they are clear, good video. now i have a question,can i use another dish and LNB to watch G10? wath do i need, do i need a multiswith or a diseqc? i have both a 4x1 diseqc and a directv multiswith do i just run...
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    what receiver to buy?

    Hello,great forum lots of info,i'm looking for a receiver that will pick up spanish channels from mexico like Azteca 7 Azteca 13 or maybe Televisa channels,any of these FTA channels? which receiver will be best for any of these channels? type of lnb type of dish, my zip code is 79720. i'm in...