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    question about new HD

    are the former channels like espn, espn2, tnt, in mpeg 4 or are they still in only mpeg 2? not at home now, thank you
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    This is a must see--another test ch. on DTV

    if you tune to chan 480 and 481, those are the test channels for the 103 bird, it'll tell you if you have a bband and if it's working fine. very cool
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    zap2it lists 3 hd channels

    the guide is listing 3 new hd channels - AE HD, History Channel HD, and MTV HD.
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    CBS - NFL today

    I think that cbs has changed over to the widescreen HD format in their studio, i know that it wasn't like this a couple of weeks ago, i wonder if they are going to have games in real HD and not the crap they have been putting out, where it's better to watch the games in the SD channel instead of...