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  1. J

    Only International

    Haven't posted in years but looks like I'm going to be canceling my American programming (AT 120+) and just keeping my international with DVR. I was wondering if they still had that additional fee for international if you don't have American? Also, would my American DVR shows still be accessible...
  2. J

    Default Recording Option

    Every time I select a program that is on more than once (everything except sports), the default for the timer is set to record all episodes. I don't find this a big deal but most of my family forget about this and just want to record that one episode. It seems that everything else can be set to...
  3. J

    Code for Philips DVD Player

    I just bought a new Philips VCR/DVD player. I found a code that works for the VCR, but the two codes that were given for the DVD player didn't work. Is there any way of getting around this or using a code from a different brand or something?
  4. J

    UHF 6.0 problems

    I have a 625 receiver and have never had problems with my UHF remote for my second tv until I bought a new tv for tv1. I did move the receiver a little but not much and is pretty much the same distance as before and definitely less than 200 feet. I've tried adjusting the remote antenna in pretty...
  5. J

    Codes for Syntax Olevia

    I have just purchased a 27'' LCD Syntax Olevia tv. I looked for tv remote control codes for both "syntax" and "olevia" but couldn't find any. I was hoping if anyone has an Olevia or Syntax that they can help me out or if there is anyone who knows a site to find additional tv codes.
  6. J

    Recording from VCR to DVR

    I have a 625 DVR reciever. I was wondering if it would be possible to record from a VHS tape on to the DVR. Before I switched to Dish I recorded some basketball games and I would like to get them on to my DVR for easy access and if something were to happen to the tape as some insurance. If this...
  7. J

    TV Inputs

    I have 625 and on my second tv, (which is actually my main tv) when I press the tv/video button it doesn't change my tv inputs. I've tried while under SAT, TV, and VCR but none of them work. It's the only thing that won't work for my tv so I don't want to use the tv remote just for one thing...
  8. J

    Missing Space

    I have Dish DVR 625 and I noticed that I have less hours remainging then I'm supposed to when I add up the length of what I have recorded and subtracted from a 100 hours. I have a couple of movies recorded but I still have more available recording space. Is this because of when I pause...
  9. J

    Newbie Questions

    Well I just got Dish network about a month ago and have AT60 plus and a Dish DVR 625. I just have a few quick questions. 1. Is it possible I could transfer recorded events on my DVR to a mp4 player. (Don't worry I'm not trying to transfer it to a computer or anything because I know it's...