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    HD-DVRs are soooo slow

    I have 3 HD DVRs in my house. Two HR23's and one HR21. Using them feels like using a computer running Windows ME on hardware from 1992. They're so laggy it's unbearable. Navigating through the menus takes forever, as does changing channels. And of course there's my favorite, when it's so...
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    Installer won't mount dish on the roof

    My installer came the other day to set up my new service. My back yard is pretty small, and he could not find a place to mount the dish such that it would still have line of sight to all the satellites. He told me he would be unable to do the install unless I had some trees removed. I asked him...
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    Potential new downrezzed HD a thing of the past?

    I was really close to signing up for Directv last year during their Sunday Ticket promotion, but ended up passing after seeing the downrezzed HD in person at a relative's house. Now, I know they've launched some new satellites that have added a ton of new HD channels, but are the new channels...