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    Weird Thing I found

    I found this weird looking dish that says EZ Dish never seen one of these things before whats it used for and can it be used for anything FTA?
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    Galaxy 3c

    I was looking at lyngsat and wondered if this ABC channel WTXL-TV (ABC - Tallahassee) Galaxy 3C at 95.0°W was an East ABC network channel?
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    What Did I do wrong???

    Ok well I have been messing with this old Prodelin/Primestar dish for awhile now.finally got things going good atleast I thought.Well when I found that old dish it didn't have the arm for the LNB or the support arms for each side after fabricating some new arms and calculating the focal point.I...
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    Prodelin Dish

    Anyone heard of this Dish or manufacturer .This is what it says on the back of My dish which I thought was a Primestar.Man am I totaly confused:confused:
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    Newbie to FTA

    Hi guys new to Fta have a few questions, my setup is a new Traxis 4500 39 x 36 inch Primestar Dish(i guess its oval) I have 2 universal KU LNB's LAT Long +37.508668 -082.851807 this is my Lat and Log. ok well I found this Old...