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    Charlotte, NC HD Locals

    So- the install went as scheduled on Sunday the 11th. However, it did not go very smoothly. My particular channel collection requires access to the 65 satellite – for the Japanese international channel - which I had installed as a second dish to my DISH 500. The installer removed both dishes...
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    Charlotte, NC HD Locals

    OK - so I called the standard number on Friday. This time the CSR admitted that the HD locals were lit, but like the poster above seemed to think that I should be able to get them with my current set up. Once we got past that hump, I had to coax her out of the Dish 1000 to the Dish 1000+. Then...
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    Charlotte, NC HD Locals

    I called last night to inquire about how to get a dish pointed at the correct satellite. Two CS reps told me that the HD locals for Charlotte are not availble and would not discuss the matter further.:confused: Gjoyce3
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    ViP 622 & 722 Running Bug Thread

    Video Choppines + Time shifting Recently upgraded from a 942 whose only problem (that affected me) was 2 second audio drops on OTA recorded material. At first the 622 ran just fine. But in the past week it has been like watching mpeg4 streamed from the internet - choppiness and audio sync...