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    Hopper Upgrades

    Me too!
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    Fox asks U.S. court to bar EchoStar retransmissions

    CORRECTED - Fox requests court to bar EchoStar retransmissions Fri Sep 1, 2006 10:11 AM ET Corrects headline and throughout story to show that Fox Broadcasting Co. had filed a request for an injunction against EchoStar on Thursday. The original story had...
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    61.5 will have HD Locals and any HD nationals that get put on 129.
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    DVR Fee Waived on Annual Programming?

    You didn't say whether you pay annually or not...
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    Information Concerning the DISH 622

    Try this:
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    Dish fees...

    It should be labeled a lease fee, but you never know... In any event, you're right.
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    Dish fees...

    Ditto on the one-too-many $5 fees. But this is probably an older bill, so the price increases aren't reflected in the original post. On second thought, I just learned that the Dish'n It Up program for existing customers doesn't include a first lease fee. So a $10 ($15 or $16 w/ DVR fee) lease...
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    DishHD and Dish'n It Up Details

    I currently have three owned receivers and AT180. If I get rid of two of them for a 622, I'll be charged $6 for a lease fee, $5.98 for a DVR fee, and the usual $5 additional receiver fee? That $6 lease fee might be a deal breaker; I thought the first lease fee was always free. Leasing a 622...
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    Enter Here For The Xbox 360

    I want to win. I want to win.
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    Older 2300 upgrade - will the single LNB work with a DN PVR?

    If your buddy wants Columbus locals, he'd better go ahead and die because they require a SuperDish.
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    BroadCom Annouces New HD Chips

    They are: BCM7038 dual-channel HDTV and digital video recorder(DVR) chip BCM7411 AVC video decoder/audio processor chip The "two-chip solution is currently shipping in volume production to leading set-top box manufacturers including EchoStar".
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    The Grass is Brown on the other side!!!!

    If they took your equipment and didn't give you what you were promised in exchange, isn't that theft? You could have threatened small-claims court.
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    Why Doesn't Dish Offer Cinemax w/ DD Sound?

    Probably bandwidth concerns, or other, in their minds, more pressing issues. You might contact E* and tell them what you think. Companies that don't hear their customers' wants often don't give their customers what they want.
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    How to conncect dish network reciever to the home theater reciever

    No, S-Video is analog and is the round connection about 1 cm across that has several wire leads inside. The Toslink is digital and is driven by a light that sends a digital signal used for audio (often surround sound) down a fiber optic cable to an audio receiver. It seems that you have a...
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    Hooking up my Voom and Echostar dish for HDTV

    You only need a converter if you use a legacy receiver with DishPro switches and LNBs, not the other way around.
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    RF modulator for multiple receiver setup

    Can someone answer the question so all this fun bickering can stop?
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    Configuring a DVD Recorder with my 510 Reciever

    Oh, that's right. Use the S-Video and the audio RCA jacks (red and white). The S-Video is a little better than the yellow RCA.
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    Configuring a DVD Recorder with my 510 Reciever

    Yes, you can. The DVD recorder works just like a VCR. You will have to connect it to the three RCA jacks (yellow, red, and white). I'm pretty sure you can record HD channels, although it won't be HD quality.
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    Hooking up my Voom and Echostar dish for HDTV

    the Dish 500 has to have legacy (not DishPro) LNBs.
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    Thinking of switching from Adelphia, but have a few questions...

    I'll start out with #5. Yes, you can pick your own equipment. If you want 4 TVs and at least one with DVR, I would recommend getting a 625 and a 322. That way, you can independently control four TVs and two of them would have DVR capability. I think the 625 has a $20 one-time fee. The AT120...