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    Cablevision trying to hold onto customers

    You can say that again, but I would still ditch CV for FIOS for many reasons including disgust with Cablevision. Nice to have an alternative to the monopoly of CV for all these years.
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    I'm wondering the samething as well, as soon as FIOS is available I'm leaving CV.
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    Cablevision to add 15 more HD Channels

    From what I've heard the signal is passed on to the consumer without further compression because FIOS doesn't have to deal with all the bandwith issues as cable does. So pretty much what is sent to them is then passed on to the viewers. I've not once heard complaints en masse about FIOS PQ and...
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    Cablevision to add 15 more HD Channels

    I hope you are correct, I just hate when a channel is showing a program and it says "This Program Is In HD Where Available" and I'm stuck watching SD because the HD channel isn't provided. Cablevision really needs to add the NBC Universal channels next. Whatever issues those two may have they...
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    Cablevision to add 15 more HD Channels

    Dude they installed FIOS in your building and you are still messing with CV. I would be disconnecting IO as fast as I could if FIOS was available to me, better picture quality, far more HD channels what else is needed for HD aficionados. I'm waiting for FIOS in my building and then I am gone in...
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    Cablevision to add 15 more HD Channels

    Wow, disappointed to hear that. I will wait and see how it looks when I get them but I hope the picture isn't even softer on the HD channels. FIOS is looking more and more better with a 100 HD count as well, now they just need to hurry up and spread it across NYC quickly.
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    verizon fios in nyc

    Verizon Accuses Cablevision of Withholding MSG HD I so hope that CV has to allow MSG HD on FIOS and I will be off baby, woohoo. It is the only reason I haven't switched because I am a diehard Ranger fan. The moment that FIOS gets MSG HD its see ya CV and I'll tell Dolan where my foot will go.
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    Setanta Sports Channel 103

    It reverted back to Euronews yesterday, we had a day and a half of Setanta :) Good while it lasted.
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    A Baseball Announcer Admits He Doesn't Watch/Enjoy Baseball

    My sentiments exactly, talk about a blow hard. No wonder he is so awful along with that banshee sidekick next to him McCarver. You often hear people talk tongue and cheek about muting the volume on channels, but with these guys I literally do it. You couldn't pay me to listen to them broadcast...
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    Cablevision to add 15 more HD Channels

    I'll take the 15 HBO's, but I'm in no rush for them and I'm a Silver customer. I could wait till the end when all the cable network HD's are added such as USA, Sci-Fi, History, etc. btw, read that the other 5 channels are TLC HD...
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    Cablevision to add 15 more HD Channels

    I'm waiting to see what those other 5 are, they had better be really good, because the Weather Channel isn't my cup of tea. With CV adding HD channels at snails pace I would have preferred something like USA HD or some other noteworthy channel outside of the darn weather. We'll see what the...
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    Setanta Sports Channel 103

    Its the big mystery, I have no idea what's up. I hope Setanta stays personally but I think something is off, doubt CV would just change the channel without telling us. Also Setanta usually cost extra on systems that carry it. I hope it stays :)
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    More HD soon???

    Uh, I thought I was the only one when it comes to Versus, that poor channel is being butchered by CV's bit shaving. Watching Hockey on it is torture with all the compression artifacts. The moment the image moves quickly the picture gets unbearable, which is all the time in hockey. If only Versus...
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    ESPN 2 in hd finally

    Little bit of occasional macroblocking once in a while, but on here in Brooklyn as well. Nice to finally have it because the SD version was awful to watch, all dark and murky.
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    La Liga Season 2007-2008 on WorldSportHD

    I was fairly confident that all this week the Barca game was going to be shown I tune in and voila nothing but a repeat. Grrr. I would love to know if it is related to those two dickhead companies Mediapro and AudioVisual or whatever the heck they are that seem to be dumber than what they are...
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    La Liga Season 2007-2008 on WorldSportHD

    I'm getting so effing tired of Spain and this B.S. This sh*t doesn't even happen in the Italian league with all its nonsense and corruption yet Spain can't get its act together. I just don't get it.
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    La Liga Season 2007-2008 on WorldSportHD

    What is wrong with Spain, this issue is retarded for one of the biggest football leagues in the World. Imagine my horror when last weekend I sat down to watch the Madrid derby only to see an old match from last season and the scroll at the bottom about issues. What a disappointment that was to...
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    New Channels in September

    I'm seeing the same thing as well, can hear the tumbleweed rolling through this forum. Just like CV and its additions while we know Dish is adding, Direct TV is adding, We got Voom so life sure is good:rolleyes: In true CV fashion don't expect any announcements about channel additions for HD...
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    Starz/Encore contract renewal

    Either/or be damned I would expect both in my Silver package. Encore and Starz has 14 channels together if I'm correct. Cinemax TMC is less than that. In the odd case that this is the scenario then good, means we'll get TMC and Cinemax HD. Will lose starz HD and its Encore channels as well...
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    Espn2 Hd

    The main reason I want this channel in HD is that the SD ESPN2 is awful on my HDTV. All dark and mushy looking. ESPN Classic, ESPNEWs all look much better in quality. don't know why the quality is so poor for the SD ESPN and ESPN2. I don't know why CV hasn't added this channel.