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    Considering TWC...have questions need answers

    optimusprime, What do you mean by "better decoding" with stb Vs the cable card?
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    Considering TWC...have questions need answers

    Sazkin, how many TV's do you have? If you have only 1, then I don't understand why you would want to install the Cable Card since the Digipic 4000 package includes the DVR in the price. With just 1 TV, the Cable Card would be overkill and just an additional, unnecessary cost (although little...
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    Analog Channels have Lines

    Call in a service call for the rolling lines. When the technician arrives, if he tells you there's nothing wrong or nothing he can do, tell him (politely) that you'll probably have to "go back to" Satellite since you didn't have that problem with them. He'll probably give it "one more try" or...
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    Basketball - Tnt Looks A Lot Better!

    My TV said 1080i, but it looked not much better than enhanced widescreen to me.
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    Did you receive 7.0B Software?

    Yes, I received it. I have not had any problems with it. Picture quality no better or worse. Lockups occassionally just as it always has.
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    West coast voomers, do you have rain fade?

    I had rain fade yesterday (San Diego North County) for a short while. The screen was completely black for about two minutes. Eventually, came back and I had no problems for the rest of the evening. Really, it's not too bad to suffer a few minutes of rain fade every 185 days! :rolleyes: I...
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    Two Days until Voom's new look? or longer?

    What is the "Doc's" channel? I've seen a few references here to a "Doc's" or Documentary channel. What is that? Is it a new Voom exclusive?
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    DVI vs. Component

    I have a Sony XBR 960. I originally connected it to the Voom box through component. It worked fine. No lockups and the picture was acceptable. I recently switched to DVI (actually HDMI/DVI; the TV is HDMI). When I first hooked up the DVI, I noticed the colors were very dull. That lasted...
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    NFL HD Starting Mid August or Sept 2004?

    Thanks, Sean, for replying to my message. Actually, I had read the early part of this thread were you mention that 311 should be back in August. I was just questioning why ZAP2IT would show programing for today on 311. Should I just assume that any listings in ZAP2IT are suspect? For 311 or...
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    NFL HD Starting Mid August or Sept 2004?

    How come the ZAP2IT listing for VOOM Channel 311 shows an "HD Game of the Week" for today? Doesn't make sense. Is that just a mistake?
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    Anybody's satellite down?

    Mine dropped to the 50's/60's. Still not back.