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    Fed up with dish hd.

    I was watching the hd channels this morning, home and garden and hd news look like the bit rate has been turned down or something while the hd ppv movie bloodrayne looks great. All hd channels should have the same bit rate,we pay extra for the hd channels so in a way they are ppv. I've had...
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    a&e hd on dish?

    A&E hd starts today, does anyone know when or if dish will carry this channel.
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    HD quality of thursdays espn game on Dish

    The quality of the espn game South Carolina vs Miss. State was terrible. I could hardly tell it was hd. Hd is getting worse and worse, it not worth having any more. You pay for hd but do not get it.
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    voom pq

    Does anyone know when the pq of voom will be fixed. I have read in the past that it was a fiber problem. I"ve had voom for a month an the pq is not what I remember from seeing voom in the past.
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    starz hd?

    Anyone know when starz hd will be added to dish network.
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    e mail address for dish quality

    One of my local channels 7877 (58) ABC out of Macon, Ga. is blurry and reddish color. Does anybody know the e-mail address for pq, I think it is dishquality but I can not remember the rest of it.
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    thinking about upgrading to 211

    I have the 811 an I am thinking about upgrading to the 211. I was wondering if those that have upgraded are happy with the 211 and do they watch the voom channels.
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    pq 811 vs 211

    I have the 811 and have not been pleased with the pq, the sd is not very good. I have read that the pq of the 211 is better. Is the pq quality better on sd and hd or just hd. Is the pq so much better that it is worth the upgrade.
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    picture quality of 211 for sd

    How is the pq for sd with the 211. I have the 811 and the pq for sd is not very good.
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    hd upgrade question.

    I have the 811 and 301 with the dish pointed at 105/110/119 and have the hd pak. I would like unhd and espn2 hd but do not care about the voom channels. I get locals from Macon Ga so that won"t be an option because they are 150 on the list for hd. Local cable co. is terrible with no plans for...
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    picture quality not as good at night

    I have dish network with the 811. During the day my pq is great but at night the pq is not quite as good. I know this sound funny but it does this every night and early in the morning and changes during the day. I was wondering if anybody else had this problem before.
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    picture quality of cbs local in Macon, Ga

    Does anyone know what happened to the picture quality of channel 13 in Macon, Ga. The picture quality was good until yesterday monday August 22. The picture now is terrible. Everything looks washed out with a film over the picture. I know it is not my tv set because all the other channels...
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    Hd news channel

    Is the hd news channel on voom like cnn, fox news,msnbc or do they show one 30 minute segment over and over again.
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    voom channels, are they worth the cost.

    I have superdish with 811 receiver, I need to know if the voom channels are worth the 5 extra dollars and the 100 fee for the second dish. I have the hd pak now and it is hard to justify 9.99 for them.
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    what home theater systems work with the 811

    I am thinking about buying a home theater system. I think I have read in the past some did not work with the 811. Does anyone know if a koss system will work with the 811.
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    pq on dish seems to be better

    It might just be me but it seems that the picture quality has improved over the last month. I had dish installed in sept. 2004 and the picture quality was not real good. It looks like in the last month the pq is a lot better, has anyone else noticed this or is it just me.
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    Dish and universal hd

    will dish network add universal hd when it starts Dec. 1
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    will dish carry espn 2 hd in jan. 2005

    I saw where ESPN 2 hd starts Jan 5th, will dish add this channel.
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    confused about dish hdtv 811

    I was almost ready to sign up for hd with dish network until I found this site. I am currently on digtial cable but no hd. I have been told that hd on cable will not be available for a couple of years in my area. I was going to sign up for dish hdtv with locals until I started reading the...