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    Sling tv pump up the price for add on packages

    No equipment, no fees, no contract, cancel in the summer when not watching anyway. Gonna pay for internet whether Sling's part of my equation or not. I don't miss paying >$60 month for 90% Honey Boo Boo caliber programming. Sling's turnover will be sky high, but that's part of the appeal for...
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    DISH Guarantees $250 Savings to Satellite Pay-TV Customers Who Switch

    Cord cutter here. Cut over 3 years ago after 6 years with dish. Loved dish btw (best receivers/best prices), not a dish hater. 4 pages in this thread of who's cheaper/who's better. I think all this misses that point that the business model for sat tv is dead. How many quarters has...
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    Sling TV for Free, no subscription cost

    Cord cutter here. Dish customer for 7 years, cut 3 years ago (now using ota with window media center as a dvr with netflix). HATED the fees (not just Dish, pick any provider, as it's now part the industry's business model). With streaming, I don't have to go into fee finding detective mode on...
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    Dish's Over The Top Video Service Could Cost $20-$30

    That's the significance of this deal. Cable/Dish/Direct losing customers with no end in sight while turning into fee junkies to float a broken business model. Charlie beat netflix/amazon to the punch of over the top content distribution with the crown jewel (ESPN). That's the new business...
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    Dish's Over The Top Video Service Could Cost $20-$30

    I'm calling $30 vs an average > $60 cable/sat bill significant. I cut the cord cause we were watching sho/hbo/espn 90% of the time and paying $120/month for the access. The value proposition wasn't there. $120 / month buys a lot of blu rays. I'd pay $30 for over the top espn. I won't pay >...
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    DVR fees?!?

    We have different definitions of a la carte. SAT radio's version is $x gets you all channels, $x-y gives you a different bundle for slightly less $. Sounds a lot like Dish's current package options doesn't it. Imagine if Pizza Hut's a la carte toppings were package 1.:peppers, sausage...
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    DVR fees?!?

    The fee phenom is common practice in the states, started a little over a decade ago. Most service companies do it as it allows them to obscure what your *total* bill will be. That way, they can market a lower price in advertising. In the airline industry, bag fees began as a way to make up...
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    Is alacart even feasable?

    What little bit of a la Carte exists in the market place is wildly popular (it's called netflix). We're starting to see ESPN get their toe in the game too with ESPN 3. ESPN, by the way, is the reason many stay with the old providers (my self included). It's the old provider's killer app...
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    Dish Could Be Droping More Channels Soon

    Stay up all night thinking about that one, or did it come to you all at once in a great "whoosh" of creativity? But seriously, as a dish customer, I think it's important to get feedback from subscribers about what's their tipping point to change providers or cut the cord altogether. I like...
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    DISH Launches Palladia

    We didn't know how good we had it. Big music fan here, trying to get by with Austin City Limits and Sun Sessions on PBS. Rave had it right, nothing since has came close.
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    The Weather Channel is worthless

    They do it now, as you read this. Comcast appeals FCC traffic-blocking ruling | Politics and Law - CNET News Comcast Sued over Traffic Blocking | The Buzz Media Vonage and skype have suffered blocking as well. It isn't my theory that happened to them: it's reality. Vonage CEO Slams...
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    The Weather Channel is worthless

    OK, imagine verizon is your landline local phone company(could be AT&T or someone else) and they are allowed to selectively filter or deny you calling your son/daughter/mother/whomever happens to have Comcast voip service as their phone provider. This is what's going on with the big isp's...
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    The Weather Channel is worthless

    Always REALLY hated this. À la carte is the only solution. Some day, ESPN or some other major provider will offer HD live streaming over the net for a fee. It'll be a tipping point followed by others. It's will be end of paying for 200 channels you never watch and 20 that you do. That...
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    Palladia sound quality

    That channel's audio is over compressed (like a loud furniture store commercial or the last Metallica album). Unlike rave, which understood that a music channel's only as good as it's sound, mtv/viacom has decided that since we like music, we must enjoy it loud and distorted. PBS has Sound...
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    Sirius Xm to raise rates another $2

    And so ends XM/Sirius as a viable company. Early adopter here, too much increased too soon. Can't trust or anticipate when the next 'you've got to be kidding me' moment comes from this company. Here's something to think about: a company this size had to do sample testing running various price...
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    New 211 Software

    How did you get the external to play nice with your 411? Is that now possible without having to first plugging the external into a 211?
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    My 211 DVR function is activated

    How? What is manual activation? I went round and round with two CSR's to activate my external with an external. Show stoppers both times.
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    411 EHD???

    Tried last week, still no go as per CSR. Still not an option on the CSR's screen to enable the 411.
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    Anyone thats getting Lexington HD Locals

    Question for Lexington folks with an over the air ant. and a 622 or 722 dvr. Does your KET hd on channel 46.3 skip and stutter? Mine has for at least 6 months rendering the channel unusable. Would be nice if eastern arc provided a KET hd feed as I would think my problem would have a solution.
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    VOOM Goes BOOM - update Dish Drops all 15 VOOM Channels

    I had VOOM as a stand alone service back in the dark ages. I migrated to dish when they continued to carry the VOOM lineup. For me the killer app from VOOM was RAVE and to this day there is simply no substitute. Commercial ridden, over compressed (audio) Paladium is unwatchable. My DVR is...