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    Why all the HD posts here?

    Just a heads up, this is clearly marked a technical forum for NOT-HD equipment, yet many are posting about 622s and 722s and 211s. There is a forum for that. Use it please. Makes it easier for those of us looking for tech info on SD equipment. We don't swim in your toilet so don't pee in...
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    Dead 721, easiest way to get new unit?

    This is my fourth dead 721 since I got my first one in 2003. Quality product, not, but I love the damn thing. I've been a Dish customer since 1996, continuously, and they've been good enough to send new 721s with minimal fuss (often for cost of shipping or a nominal replacement charge, fist...
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    Still the phone company... can't even order

    I have never dealt with a more inept provider than Verizon in my life. My Mom wants FIOS. Her 2 year old neighborhood in Florida has FIOS. Her neighbor has FIOS. I've been trying to order for 3 days. I'm now giving up. First, the automated online system says online ordering is not...
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    721 dying, expected the worst, pleasant surprise

    My 721 is going nuts, and I was pretty sure it was not recoverable. So I called Dish, expecting to have to buy a new receiver and argue with them. The tech said that for a 721 with this problem, they do an out of warranty advance exchange for $20 plus shipping and tax, for a total of $38...
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    Cable customer service vastly improved

    I've dealt on and off with cable over the years, both for myself and for family I've had some recent experiences with both Adelphia and TW that have been so positive, I can't believe it is the same industry as I've dealt with in the past. Adelphia is installing cable modem tomorrow, and...
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    Did Charlie help convince on a la carte?

    The FCC reversed itself and now says a la carte programming IS cheaper than package programming. I wonder if Charlie's "family" tier helped convince them on this. After all, not only does it provide a lot of channels people want, but also EXCLUDES Disney because of their forced all or...
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    NFL network not that useless! 8 real games next season, one can imagine more to come in future seasons...
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    LA "HD" satellite - point at 148 or 129?

    After Feb HD locals come in, will LA get HD off of a Dish 1000 or do we need to point at 148? I am going to set up a second dish 300 to get HD (already have the 500), and need to know where to point it. But I think they are moving it, right? My old house was pointed to 148. Thanks.
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    Fees waived with Platinum Pack?

    Are any fees waived with Platinum HD pack (like DVR fee in AEP, for example)? Thanks
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    Should PPV Letterbox switch to Anamorphic?

    The letterbox PPV channel has been around a long while, but in that time, the vast majority of people who would want to watch (or care) in LB format now have 16:9 TVs, or at least 4:3 TVs with 16:9 "squish" features. Thus, wouldn't it be a nice move for Dish to switch the channel to provide...
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    Class action HD lawsuit?

    With D*, E* and cable all looking to sell High Definition but provide lower than High Definition (a form of Enhanced Definition instead), isn't this a blatant case of false advertising? HD has always been defined as 720p or greater resolution, or the "million pixel" picture (though the...
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    Any OLED news at CES this year?

    Since this is the technology I am waiting for for my next HDTV, I am interested in any news re: this front.
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    What's with all the "Off the Air" stuff

    I searched but can't seem to find a direct answer. The last few nights, late at night, channels are listed as "Off the Air" when they are still broadcasting, and last night, some channels WERE off the air, including Cartoon Network which had a Dish Logo and music. What is going on...
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    5/18 Model 6000 Software

    So, I see a thread about an April download, but my model 6000 took a download today, and checking the Dish website, this version 826PCNAD-N is dated 5/18. I happened to turn my unit off right before CSI finale (OTA HDTV), and of course it chose that time to start the download, making me run...
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    HDTV location switch (110) programming scam...

    By switching the signal from the fringe satellites to 110 on HBOHD, SHOHD, and HDPPV, Dish has disabled access to model 6000 receivers without the upgrade. The only signal left that I could receive was CBSHD. Long story short: they are sending me a tuner module at no cost, "just this...